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Overview: Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking

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Finally, a Secure Cloud Network for mission- critical applications Business-critical applications are moving to the cloud and have zero tolerance for downtime, slow performance, or security issues. Upgrade to Aviatrix and get the advanced networking and security services your business-critical applications demand. • An enterprise-grade network where every minute counts: Optimizes mission-critical application performance, reduces MTTR and costly business downtime • A zero-trust secure cloud network with centralized control: Provides embedded cross-cloud security vs expensive bolt-on solutions • An agile network that enables automated service delivery: Supports fully automated, standardized service provisioning across all clouds • An intelligent network with cost optimization in mind: Lowers cloud spend, operational costs, and IT resource requirements all from a single pane of glass Why We are Better While existing networks are failing business-critical apps, Aviatrix Secure Cloud Network is purpose-built for the cloud, resolving the fundamental limitations of cloud networking. We empower enterprises like yours to embed security, accelerate innovation, minimize downtime, and gain control of IT costs. Whether you are in AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle or Alibaba, Aviatrix optimizes your cloud for performance, security, service delivery, and cost. Secure Cloud Networking Trusted by more than 500 of the world's most innovative companies, Aviatrix empowers businesses to accelerate innovation, minimize downtime, and gain control of IT costs. Aviatrix delivers an enterprise-grade secure cloud network, backbone, and edge for mission-critical applications by creating a simplified and consistent networking architecture in and across cloud service providers. Combined with the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program, the industry's first and only secure cloud networking certification, Aviatrix helps businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals. "Using the Aviatrix multicloud network platform has enabled us to be cloud agnostic, allowing us to use best-of-breed capabilities of the different public cloud providers and connect users, applications and data in a secure way." - Edwin Venhuizen, Product Owner Connectivity, Heineken © Aviatrix, 2023 LEARN MORE: Aviatrix Solutions Secure Cloud Networking: Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking for Business-Critical Applications is for cloud network and security infrastructure teams with full responsibility and control to deliver cloud network and security services for business-critical applications. Secure Egress: Aviatrix Secure Egress is a centrally managed outbound NAT solution that embeds application visibility, geo-blocking, and industry-leading threat detection throughout your entire cloud network. Aviatrix Secure Egress protects your cloud applications where it matters most – anywhere they face the Internet in cloud. Secure Cloud Network Backbone: As business-critical applications move to cloud, IT teams are asking the on- prem network experts to apply their networking knowledge and experience to make secure cloud networking more resilient, secure, agile, and cost-effective. UplevelYour Career The ACE Program provides ongoing education that enables architects, engineers, and technical staff to develop advanced competency in native cloud capabilities and provides a framework for applying this knowledge to network architecture and design patterns. The skill-set obtained from the ACE coursework is highly sought after, as most do not have exposure or training on such a wide range of platforms. As enterprises become increasingly multicloud, the ACE skill-set also becomes increasingly relevant and applicable. Get ACE Certified today!

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