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© Aviatrix, 2022. SOLUTION BRIEF Simplifying Enterprise Cloud Migrations with Aviatrix Cloud Migrations to Drive Business Cloud migration is no longer a technology decision; it's a business decision. Decisions around cloud strategy have moved beyond the whiteboard to the board room. Enterprises that have dominated their industries—financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, technology, etc.—are facing severe competition from digital upstarts that have developed their business and operational models exclusively in the cloud. To fight this battle, change is happening fast, and companies are leveraging the cloud to achieve the agility and speed that data center operational models cannot support. This digital transformation effort includes migrating or refactoring application workloads AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and, for enterprises with operations in China, Alibaba Cloud. In the past, moving or building a simple application environment was easy; the cloud providers delivered seemingly, everything a developer needed. Application teams reveled in their ability to go around what they perceived as draconian IT processes and policies that slowed service delivery almost to a halt. And enterprise IT viewed these rogue DevOps teams as irresponsible but harmless. However, operating in the cloud has become serious business, requiring oversight, governance and corporate and regulatory compliance—no more fun and games. As a result, enterprise public cloud infrastructure operations have become more complex—spanning multiple business units, regions, countries, and cloud providers. IT reduced headcount, and the remaining staff has significant skills gaps. At the same time, cloud providers only offer a subset of the networking, security and operational visibility enterprise IT teams require. The Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform simplifies enterprise cloud migrations and delivers the agility and cloud operational model enterprise teams expects, with the visibility and security they require. Whether in a single cloud or migrating application environments into multiple cloud providers, the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform brings a consistent network architecture, operational visibility, security, and automation to simplify your cloud migration project AVIATRIX BENEFITS Maximize Uptime, Minimize Costs • Simplifies deployment and day-two operations reducing trouble- shooting from "weeks to minutes" • Reduces consulting costs and minimizes project delays Enterprise-Class Visibility and Control • Consistent operational visibility to simpify enterprise cloud migration • Enhance native CSP tools to deliver consistency across multiple public cloud platforms • Single source of truth, with single pane-of-glass visibility to work from and trust Reduce Business Risk • Accelerate enterprise cloud migrations with minimal downtime • Extend security policies and best practices into the cloud to improve overall security posture during the migration and beyond Improve skills gaps and resource efficiencies • Normalize operational skills across multiple cloud platforms, allowing people with expertise in one cloud to easily deploy and manage network and security infrastructure in another cloud • Simplify and automate the deployment of network and security infrastructure to improve resource efficiency • Enable resources to focus on more critical aspects of migration and cloud architectural tasks

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