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Aviatrix CostIQ – Accurate Chargeback of Shared Services

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SOLUTION BRIEF Aviatrix CostIQ – Accurate Chargeback of Shared Services Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking TM Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking™ is a new breed of multicloud networking software specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the enterprise. Intelligent Cloud Networking goes far beyond the basic networking capabilities of any cloud service provider (CSP). Now, enterprises can accelerate business transformation, overcome skills gaps, and dramatically improve network performance, security, and reliability. Unlike native CSP networking services, Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking delivers multicloud visibility and control, advanced networking and security functionality, and innovative network intelligence and automation. The Challenge Today, cloud service provider (CSP) charges for shared cloud resources fall on the account or subscription those shared resources were deployed by, often to a central IT function. Enterprises need a solution to accurately show or charge these shared resource costs to the accounts, projects, or departments using those services. In most organizations, this allocation is divided evenly, but often inaccurately, across cost centers believed to be consuming the shared services. As recession concerns grow, cloud spending transparency will be a principal focus for CIOs and central IT organizations in 2022. Complex monthly invoices continue to grow and create significant pain for internal resources, and force increases in labor costs to manage allocations correctly. Cloud financial management (CFM) tools, FinOps, and IT/Ops teams will be under pressure to keep up with and make sense of who is consuming shared services such as firewall clusters, storage, data center interconnects, and many others. The Solution Aviatrix CostIQ leverages network flow telemetry built into the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform. This telemetry allows organizations to track the actual network traffic from cost centers (sources) to the shared cloud resource (destination) to create an accurate breakdown of accounts or subscriptions using the shared resources in the public cloud. CostIQ provides a simple interface to define cost centers and shared resources. Cost centers are defined through a logical grouping of accounts or subscriptions and shared resources characterized by a logical group of destination IP addresses. CostIQ delivers clear visibility into who uses shared cloud resources, helping enterprises improve accounting, budgeting, and cloud economics. More importantly, IT planners and cloud architects can quickly analyze usage trends to identify and reallocate underutilized resources. Business stakeholders, including FinOps, Lines-of-Business owners, and others, will examine these trends, allowing them to identify areas for cost optimization. © Aviatrix, 2022. Shared Services Cost Allocations • Accurate cost allocation based on actual network usage to shared cloud resources • Insights for precise forecasting, budgeting, and reporting • FinOps teams can leverage for chargeback/showback to easily distributed cost appropriately Real-Time and Historical Visibility • Complete insight into all cloud account, subscription, and project usage details • Always up to date allocation data with export capabilities to CFM applications • Easy to use, visual user interface outlining exactly who's using what Cost Telemetry Built Into the Network • Network usage telemetry mapped to well defined cost centers and shared resources • Easily define cost centers by grouping cloud accounts/subscriptions • Create shared resource groups based on IP address or IP address groups "CostIQ gives us the accurate data, based on telemetry built into our multicloud network, that we use to allocate shared services costs. This is something our central IT services team have struggled with, and cloud provider services simply don't offer." Head of Infrastructure and Architecture Multinational Hospitality Company FY2021 Revenue of $2.9 Billion CostIQ Business Benefits

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