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Accelerate Enterprise Merger and Acquisition Integrations with Aviatrix

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© Aviatrix, 2022. 1 "Aviatrix's platform has allowed us to focus on our core expertise. We now have networking and security all auto- mated with a point and click solution. We have enhanced visibility and control that were was not possible by using native cloud native tools." — Spence Nelson Senior Network Engineer Adobe | Workfront BUSINESS CASE Accelerate Enterprise Merger and Acquisition Integrations with Aviatrix Enterprise mergers and acquisitions present great opportunities and significant challenges. Integration of people, processes and systems can make or break the success of any enterprise-scale merger or acquisition. There are often high expectations and aggressive timelines for acquisition integrations. From a business perspective, the goals of most acquisitions are to achieve upside financial benefits—a simple one plus one equals three equation. The faster the integration can be completed and the goal achieved, the better. However, from a CIO or CISO perspective, the equation can be much more complicated. Aviatrix has proven to help simplify the equation, reduce acquisition integration time, and accelerate financial results. Enterprise cloud strategy has become a business-driven decision, not a technology-driven decision, and M&A activities are a perfect example. Enterprise IT leadership is often not included in the acquisition decision, but they need to execute the integration. However, the success or failure of the integration falls on the shoulders of the CIO/ CISO and their teams' ability to execute. Architectural foresight can reduce integration time by months, which often translates to millions of dollars in accelerated revenue. Are you ready? BUSINESS VALUE Architecture Foresight is Critical While an acquired company's business does not come to a screeching halt during IT integration, the value of the acquisition relies on successful integration. Aviatrix accelerates acquisition integrations by simplifying the cloud network and security infrastructure and decoupling the architecture from the underlying public cloud service provider(s). Whether for a single cloud or across multiple cloud providers, the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform brings a consistent network architecture, operational visibility, security and automation to M&A integration efforts. Architecture foresight is critical. Whether you are preparing to merge, acquire, or be acquired, a consistent cloud network and security architecture will put your IT team in the driver's seat. If neither side prepares properly, neither side has an architecture capable of accelerating the integration.

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