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Aviatrix CoPilot Solution Brief: Intelligent Cloud Networking

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© Aviatrix, 2022. Multicloud Network Flow Analytics FlowIQ analyzes every flow on the cloud networking allowing operators quickly identify top talkers and search and sort on the source, destination, ports, protocols drilling down to troubleshoot, and resolve application-level issues. Global Traffic Geo-Mapping Visually detect unusual traffic patterns, including unexpected traffic flows with sources or destinations in areas of the world. Security operations teams easily identify suspicious flows or block specific geographies. Automated Threat Detection and Mitigation ThreatIQ analyzes all network traffic and compares source and destination addresses to a Proofpoint database of malicious IPs. If any communications are established with a known malicious address, the communication can be y blocked immediately in the network. Multicloud Network Segmentation Visualize multicloud segmentation policies to efficiently understand what resources can talk with other resources. For example, can development VPC resources connect to production VNet resources? Cloud Network Latency Monitoring Cloud network latency is an essential element of troubleshooting application performance issues. CoPilot visualizes latency trends allowing for real-time and trend analysis to identify potential performance issues before they occur. Distributed Firewalling and Programmable Intent CoPilot allows operators to define distributed firewalling intent and push these intents into the multicloud network, where distributed firewalling controls are embedded into the cloud network and enforced as required to achieve the intent

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