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Aviatrix Edge on Network Edge with Equinix

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© Aviatrix, 2022. SOLUTION BRIEF Aviatrix Edge on Network Edge – Highest Performance Encrypted Connectivity to the Cloud Aviatrix Edge on Network Edge delivers the highest-performance, encrypted connection to your cloud, multicloud, or hybrid environments. Aviatrix Edge extends Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking™ to Equinix Fabric with the security, visibility, and control that business-critical applications demand. Aviatrix Edge is deployed via the Equinix Fabric Portal in minutes, not months, with the speed that modern cloud infrastructure operations require. The Challenge Businesses of all sizes need instant and secure access to cloud-based applications from their edge locations. Provisioning edge connectivity that is secure, private, and highly performant to the cloud can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. The visibility and control required for cloud, multicloud, or hybrid workloads are limited or simply unavailable with conventional solutions The ability to consolidate or connect on-premises locations to local points of presence while providing secure, performant connectivity to business applications running in multiple cloud environments is essential for today's enterprise workloads. Existing solutions are siloed without a uniform architecture and often require stitching disparate products together to troubleshoot issues, extending resolution times that lead to customer dissatisfaction and poor business outcomes. Traditional hardware- centric network architectures for edge connectivity to the cloud lack the speed, security, and visibility needed for today's multicloud networks. The Solution Aviatrix Edge on Network Edge is an easy-to-deploy software solution delivered directly from the Equinix Fabric Portal. This zero-touch deployment extends the Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Network™ to the Equinix Fabric and onto the cloud in minutes. Aviatrix Edge aggregates multiple cores to form ECMP-encrypted IPsec tunnels between Aviatrix Edge and Aviatrix Transit Gateways in the cloud providing the security and performance required for business-critical applications. Aviatrix Edge extends the capabilities of Aviatrix CoPilot™, like flow analytics, advanced troubleshooting tools, dynamic topology map, and much more, to the edge locations. The combined solution delivers a consistent architecture and operational model in each public cloud and across the Equinix fabric. Aviatrix Edge intelligently routes traffic across multiple clouds with the highest performance IPsec encryption available. This deployment model ensures low latency, enterprise-class visibility, geographic redundancy, and high availability, ensuring your edge workloads perform optimally. Lengthy delays and decades-old physical hardware are no longer an issue when interconnecting your hybrid, single-cloud, or multicloud environments with Aviatrix Edge on Network Edge. Aviatrix Edge on Network Edge Benefits Move Cloud Agility to the Edge • Aviatrix Edge, as a network service in Equinix, provides a simple solution to extend multiple cloud providers to the edge • Bring Aviatrix Edge close to users via Equinix global fabric with low latency and ease of management • Seamlessly connect to industry-leading service providers via Aviatrix Edge in Equinix Fast and Secure Private Connectivity • Configure and deploy Aviatrix Edge in Equinix fabric in minutes, not months • Eliminate network costs by using Aviatrix Edge to route between multiple cloud networks via private connections • Secure your traffic across your networks with the highest-performance, encrypted, IPsec connectivity Operational Visibility and Control • Aviatrix Edge delivers the visibility and control business-critical applications require in hybrid edge to cloud or multicloud environments • Troubleshoot issues with a single pane of glass from edge to the cloud with Aviatrix Copilot™ • Extend day 2 operational tooling used in the cloud to the edge with realtime application analytics, NetFflow, and network latency statistics "Aviatrix Edge adds the functionality we're used to in our native cloud deployments to our hybrid edge and allows us to seamlessly integrate the new technology into our existing fabric." Jim Setty, MASCO

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