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Yara Unifies Global Multicloud Environment with Aviatrix

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Yara, a global leader in crop nutrition, needed an intelligent cloud networking solution to simplify and secure their multicloud environment. As a large enterprise with operations spanning six continents, the limitations and unique complexities of native cloud provider networking services created challenges for Yara. Yara operates business-critical applications in the cloud and needed to find a solution that would deliver the high-availability, security and operational visibility required to maximize service uptime and minimize costs. Yara's Director, Farm & Field Data, David Van Damme, manages a team to automate the company's cloud, application, data and network infrastructure. David quickly realized that CSP networking complexities were going to create challenges he would need to architect around in order to achieve the infrastructure SLA his team had committed to the business. A partner working with David's team to build out Yara's data platform recommended Aviatrix as a solution Yara should explore. The team engaged with Aviatrix and quickly experienced value in the solution, both in AWS alone and for their multicloud environment. The team saw quick success using Aviatrix to develop a consistent cloud network that simplified the complexities of the AWS-native infrastructure. After proving this initial use case, the team expanded its Aviatrix deployment across the organization. "Aviatrix ticks a lot of our boxes," David stated. "Aviatrix makes both deployment automation and day-two operations much simpler than native cloud networking and delivers on our requirement for a multicloud solution." Aviatrix delivered a common networking and security platform across all of Yara's public clouds and streamlined its multicloud operations. Being cloud-agnostic has allowed Yara to quickly onboard additional public clouds and scale to meet business requirements, without being bogged down by the complexities that would have caused delays and direct impact to business-critical application delivery schedules. Looking ahead, Yara plans to merge many of its formerly independent DevOps cloud networks into the organization's more extensive WAN, SD-WAN, and other traditional networking technologies. By centralizing its IT services, David and his team will ensure Yara's global networking team has full visibility and troubleshooting capabilities across the organization's public cloud providers. Meanwhile, local engineering teams can remain productive independent of what cloud they choose to operate in. While the Yara team is now confident in their ability to operate the Aviatrix cloud network independently, David shared that he was happy to have help from Aviatrix Professional Services to establish Yara's target state goals and receive consistent guidance throughout its implementation. He emphasized that Aviatrix's strong customer focus sets it apart from other software providers. As Yara continues to streamline its multicloud operational model with Aviatrix, David shared his advice for other organizations who may be facing similar challenges. "If you're very invested in public cloud and starting to look at what to do with networking, I definitely recommend looking at Aviatrix." Yara Unifies Global Multicloud Environment with Aviatrix COMPANY • Global crop nutrition company that produces, distributes, and sells fertilizers and related industrial products CHALLENGE • Needed a secure multicloud networking solution, but native cloud networking services were overly complex and lacked multicloud operational visibility and control • Needed consistent visibility and security within and across their multiple public clouds to mitigate threats and troubleshoot faster SOLUTION • Aviatrix streamlined Yara's multicloud operations by providing advanced intelligent networking, security, and operational visibility services that delivered a consistent multicloud network and simplified expansion plans for additional clouds • Aviatrix delivered a global operational view within and across clouds, reducing the time needed to troubleshoot and mitigate threats INDUSTRY Agriculture David Van Damme Director, Farm & Field Data, Yara CASE STUDY For more information, visit © Aviatrix, 2022.

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