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What is the ACE Multicloud Network Automation training? The ACE Multicloud Network Automation Specialty training brings the concepts of DevOps together by teaching participants how to automate a multicloud network infrastructure through hands-on labs. The training includes three hands-on labs along with a solved walk-through guide for each lab. Even with no coding background, students can expect to complete the training with an understanding of how to use GitHub and Terraform Cloud to build, enhance, and secure multicloud networks at scale in an automated fashion. The ACE Automation course provides guidance for Day 0 and Day 2 automation of multicloud networks. Course objectives: • AUTOMATE a secure multicloud network using the Aviatrix cloud network platform and the principles of DevOps and IaC • COLLABORATE with other stakeholders in your organization by building CI/CD pipelines to apply a very common use case in the cloud: egress security ACE Automation builds on the basic cloud networking knowledge gained in the ACE Associate training, and prepares students for the networking and security operations skills taught in the ACE Multicloud Network Operations Specialty training. ACE Multicloud Network Automation Speciality: A Comprehensive Guide Why get certified As cloud has gained prominence in the networking space, it has created a need for network engineers to know Terraform and other IaC tools like GitHub. With these skills in tow, network engineers will be able to build and automate infrastructure more accurately, and meet DevOps demands more quickly. The ACE certification is a recognized and respected cloud networking qualification with over 18,000 graduates to date. WHO IS THE COURSE FOR? The ACE Multicloud Network Automation course was designed for: • DevOps teams • SecOps teams • NetSecOps teams • Operations teams • Infrastructure teams All candidates must have completed the ACE Associate training to be eligible for the Automation course. In addition, students are expected to have deployed the Aviatrix Controller using the Sandbox Starter Tool (SST). HOW LONG IS THE COURSE? The ACE Automation training is self-paced and can be completed in 4 hours. The course consists of modules, lab guides, and hands-on labs. There is no exam component to qualify for the certification. WHAT DO I NEED? You will need the following for the ACE Automation self-paced course: • An ACE Academy account • Active AWS account • Active Azure account • Aviatrix Controller deployed from the Sandbox Starter Tool • Three GitHub accounts • One Terraform Cloud Organization account HOW DO I SIGN UP? You can learn more and sign up for the training here. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The ACE Automation training costs $995 USD. AUTOMATION SPECIALTY ACE

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