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What is the ACE Multicloud Network Operations training? The ACE Multicloud Network Operations Specialty training gives operators the tools they need to have full visibility into the cloud environments they manage. Aviatrix is the only cloud networking platform that offers the network engineering toolkit (ICMP, packet capture, NetFlow, etc.) to cloud operators for end- to-end visibility with time-saving techniques. The training also includes ten hands-on labs that are based on a common multicloud scenario. Course objectives: • ENSURE business continuity with an enterprise-class transit solution • STRENGTHEN compliance and audit initiatives by providing monitoring and troubleshooting for cloud security appliances • CONNECT remote sites to cloud • ENABLE profile-based access to cloud applications and resources ACE Multicloud Network Operations Specialty: A Comprehensive Guide Those who manage and maintain cloud networks on a day-to-day basis know too well how hard finding information in a single cloud can be, let alone across multiple clouds. The ACE Operations training helps you shorten the search cycle by teaching you to maximize visibility and find the answers to common questions that every network engineer will need at some point. Why get certified The ACE Operations training is a fantastic way to improve your cloud fluency. Through this course, you will learn how to reduce mean time to resolution, increase responsiveness, and optimize overall performance. Not only that, but the ACE Operations training equips you with the expertise to do your job faster and better. The course also builds on the basic mcloud networking knowledge gained at the ACE Associate level, as well as the coding and automation skills gained during the ACE Automation training. WHO IS THE COURSE FOR? The course has been designed for: • Operations teams • DevOps teams Participants must have already successfully completed the ACE Associate certification. HOW LONG IS THE COURSE? The ACE Operations course is eight hours. To fully qualify for the certification, you will need to turn in lab work from the course and evidence successful deployment of the Sandbox Starter Tool (you can find guidance on this here). WHAT DO I NEED? The Operations Specialty training is a virtual instructor-led course, so you will need: • A laptop or computer (not an iPad or tablet) • A webcam • A microphone • Stable internet connection • If using a PC: Windows 7 or newer • If using a Mac: 10.12 Sierra or above HOW DO I SIGN UP? To sign up, check out our upcoming training schedule here. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The course costs $1,295 USD. For more information, visit OPERATIONS SPECIALTY ACE

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