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1. Set goals Consider what you would like to gain from the course. 2. Expand your industry knowledge Start fresh with ACE, or build upon your current CSP expertise: • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate • GCP Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer • OCI Cloud Operations Associate • Alibaba System Operator Associate 3. Study Revisit the course material and the Knowledge Base to enhance your understanding and recall. You may also look at the troubleshooting section of the Aviatrix Controller and make sure you understand what it provides and when you'd use it. 4. Get certified Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded your certificate and digital badge. The badge contains verified metadata that describes your ACE Multicloud Network Operations certification and the process required to earn the designation. 5. Network with the community Join the Aviatrix community to connect with other ACEs, keep your knowledge refreshed, and tap into networking opportunities. 6. Level up your multicloud knowledge with the next ACE certification Take your ACE multicloud knowledge to the next level with the ACE Multicloud Network Professional training. The ACE Professional course will teach you how to deploy and implement end-to-end cloud networks. The ACE Operations Topology This course focuses on common break-fix scenarios based on the following topology: TOP TIPS Follow these steps to get in good stead for the Cloud Operations course. Prepare for the future with ACE Operations For most businesses, a multicloud strategy is inevitable, which means operations and DevOps personnel should now be thinking about how they can fit into this new era. With multicloud talent being scarce on an industry-wide level, the ACE Operations training provides a great opportunity to narrow that gap and be the hero their business needs. Find the source code of the Terraform that built this topology here. "The skills I learned through the ACE Program are already helping me to be more effective in my current role, and I believe the certification will also help me progress more quickly on my career path. With the ability to troubleshoot cloud networking issues and the automation of infrastructure management at scale, I can provide greater value to my employer by helping to reduce operational costs." — Shinob Choorikkadan, Network Architect and Aviatrix ACE, Australian mining industry "The ACE Program teaches valuable skills that enable engineers and architects to be successful in not just a single cloud, but in multicloud environments, too. Course materials cover the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform but also offer insight into how to troubleshoot networking issues in the different cloud service providers. I see myself continuing to use the skills I learned in ACE well into the future." — Paul Iaciofano, Cloud Networking Manager and Aviatrix ACE, Financial Industry ACE Operations: A Comprehensive Guide For more information, visit

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