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(HAPEV) Closes a Skills Gap; Drives Seamless Compliance and Agile Operations with Aviatrix

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HAPEV Leverages Aviatrix to Meet Compliance Requirements With centralized egress, Aviatrix makes compliance easier by ensuring that the company secures its entire network and prevents breaches. Combined with Aviatrix FireNet, the HAPEV team inspects and secures all traffic that goes through the network and egress. According to IT Solution Architect Keven Hamann, Aviatrix's ability to inspect traffic east, west, north, and south with high-performance encryption provides the best security configuration he's seen. He also relies on insights about traffic flow over HAPEV's cloud and on-premises network. In the initial project phases, HAPEV rebuilt its mesh network, but the team soon realized that enabling HPE could increase throughput. The team rebuilt the mesh with the help of SVA, Aviatrix, and a Terraform provider. They also implemented Aviatrix ThreatIQ, enabling them to get more detailed visibility into traffic flow that they could not otherwise see in firewalls connected via FireNet. With Aviatrix CoPilot, the HAPEV team got more visibility from the threat itself. The Result: An IT Team with Visibility of All the Clouds, All the Time Aviatrix makes it easy for HAPEV's IT team to identify and troubleshoot issues and sync efforts. For example, a DevOps team member may deploy in the cloud and notice that a resource isn't connecting to the Azure cloud or isn't getting egress. "It's easy with Aviatrix to just show DevOps what's wrong," says Hamann. Hamann adds that, in this situation, he's used the flight plan feature from Aviatrix to show DevOps how to troubleshoot the connection issue. Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung eG (HAPEV) Closes a Skills Gap; Drives Seamless Compliance and Agile Operations with Aviatrix COMPANY • German-based Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung eG (HAPEV) is a full-service company that advises on and designs new pension schemes. Regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, HAPEV must meet strict compliance standards. When the company decided to move from on-premises to multicloud networking, the lean IT team turned to Aviatrix to tackle the challenge without hiring additional staff or consultants. CHALLENGE • A lean IT team working within a highly regulated industry was tasked to move from on-premises networking to a multicloud environment while meeting strict compliance standards and without hiring additional staff or consultants. SOLUTION • With Aviatrix, HAPEV successfully moved to a multicloud environment while maintaining compliance with industry regulations, gaining visibility of its entire network—including previously unidentified threats— and increasing business agility by simplifying network operations. RESULTS • A secure and compliant multicloud environment • Unparalleled visibility into network threats • Improved efficiency when deploying new workloads INDUSTRY Financial Services CASE STUDY For more information, visit © Aviatrix, 2022. "It's easy with Aviatrix to just show DevOps what's wrong." Keven Hamann, IT Solution Architect, HAPEV "As a small team, Aviatrix enables us to operate a multicloud environment with a compliant infrastructure and with a great amount of visibility. So we don't have to hire a lot of people to operate this platform and deploy new workloads." Alexander Milnikel, Principal Architect & Infrastructure Team Technical Lead, HAPEV

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