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PipelineRx Achieves Secure Multicloud Healthcare Operations with Aviatrix

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As a leading healthcare services provider, PipelineRx embraced a transition to the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to scale their operations while maintaining high availability and security for the sensitive data it managed. But the team soon found that the native cloud networking capabilities of AWS did not meet their business needs. The DevOps team at PipelineRx began testing Aviatrix with the aim of controlling PipelineRx's cloud traffic more effectively without sacrificing data security. Challenges with Network Connectivity Prior to introducing Aviatrix into their environment, PipelineRx securely transmitted health data to customers through a VPN and AWS Transit Gateway. This data exchange was essential to the business. But border gateway protocol (BGP) prefix limitations consistently prevented a seamless data flow between internal and external networks, and the team encountered IP address conflicts that regularly interrupted communications as well. Fixing these issues with network address translation (NAT) solutions proved to be "horrendously unmanageable," said DevOps Engineer Darren Lombardi. The team needed a simpler way to exchange data with its customers. PipelineRx continued to experience challenges when they were acquired by CarePath, a large healthcare innovator with a substantial reliance on data dispersed between multiple public cloud providers. To simplify the complexities of this multicloud environment and to allow each business unit within the growing organization to continue operating effectively, the team needed to develop a globally consistent cloud network and security architecture. Intelligent Cloud Networking™ as the Solution Fortunately, Aviatrix offered PipelineRx an intelligent cloud networking solution for creating secure interconnectivity between their cloud environment and customers' networks. Upon installing the solution, the team realized numerous tangible benefits. "Aviatrix gave us simple, scalable, centralized management capabilities for all our VPNs and all our data," said Lomardi. "It gave our DevOps team a vehicle for easily managing the operations of the network in the cloud without locking us into a specific appliance or specialized engineering skillset." Aviatrix's intelligent multicloud data plane also provided PipelineRx granular visibility and embedded security that was specifically modeled for interoperability between various clouds. PipelineRx gained the centralized enterprise controls it needed to seamlessly manage multiple clouds and to help the business continue to meet their ambitious goals. A Shift in Focus to More Business-Critical Tasks With Aviatrix simplifying the native public cloud networking services from AWS, the DevOps team was able to focus on more business-critical tasks instead of being weighed down by tedious operational overhead. This enabled the team to accelerate customer onboarding and service delivery, creating new competitive advantages for the business. Furthermore, the visibility and embedded security in their cloud network enabled PipelineRx to identify and resolve network issues in hours rather than days. "As we embraced Aviatrix, we found its multicloud features allowed us to reach into other facets of our business," Lomardi said. "As we have grown, the networking problems that once held us back are now going away because we can securely interconnect multiple clouds. I recommend anyone trying to manage multiple VPNs or Internet-connected clouds to look at Aviatrix as a solution to the complex problems in their network." PipelineRx Achieves Secure Multicloud Healthcare Operations with Aviatrix COMPANY • PipelineRx is a cloud-based pharmacy platform that provides tailored pharmacy and telepharmacy solutions to hundreds of healthcare organizations nationwide, helping pharmacists advance their practice from task-focused medication order review to outcomes-focused patient care. CHALLENGE • Needed to enhance Amazon Web Services (AWS)'s native cloud networking features to create secure connectivity with external clouds in highly regulated healthcare industry • Needed to simplify the complexities of multicloud environment following acquisition by larger company SOLUTION • Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform provided a centralized management console for all data across the environment, driving resource efficiencies and faster service delivery with the ability to easily manage network traffic. • Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking™ provided a consistent multicloud network and centralized operational view of the environmentwith keen insights. RESULTS • Simplified global operations • Accelerated identification and resolution of network issues • More time to focus on business-critical tasks • Accelerated customer onboarding and service delivery INDUSTRY Healthcare CASE STUDY For more information, visit © Aviatrix, 2022. Darren Lombardi DevOps Engineer

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