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Aviatrix Cloud Network Backbone Fast Facts

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© Aviatrix, 2023. Understanding Cloud Networking Complexities The enterprise network backbone has been the foundation of network architecture for decades, but as business- critical applications move from the data center to cloud, enterprises are rethinking backbone network architecture. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently published their Multicloud Networking Study which proves that enterprises today are increasingly using multiple cloud providers for a variety of reasons. This market research explores pain points, technology requirements, and operational strategies for multicloud networks. Multicloud can be messy and enterprises need to address networking requirements today to simplify multicloud architectures for the future. • 97% are facing significant challenges when implementing and managing connections and building a consistent network across, within, and between their multicloud estate • 93% are interested in deploying an end-to-end multicloud networking solution • 92% of organizations are encountering pain points related to reliance on native cloud networking solutions • 90% are allocating resources to train existing employees on cloud networking Build your Cloud Network Backbone with Aviatrix In the past, cloud was simply another "thing" that needed to be connected to the enterprise network backbone. As cloud becomes the enterprise IT center of gravity, enterprises recognize the architectural, operational, and career opportunities that have emerged. The Aviatrix enterprise cloud network backbone delivers secure, high-performance, low-latency, multicloud networking while maintaining enterprise-class visibility and control. Find out how simple it is to deliver wire-speed IPSec encryption and reduce costs with Aviatrix's Intelligent Cloud Networking overlay. Start Simple and Scale as you Grow A Cloud Network Backbone is the starting point for building a cloud network. Architecturally, a cloud network backbone takes advantage of your hyperscalers' global infrastructure to reduce inter-region latency and routing complexity. A cloud network backbone also makes encryption and zero trust security part of the network, and establishes a consistent multicloud operational model in and across clouds that extends to the edge. Operationally, cloud allows networking teams to "shift left" with infrastructure as code automation, bringing cloud agility and automation to the network backbone, while maintaining the infrastructure visibility and control enterprises required to support business-critical applications in the cloud. Aviatrix Cloud Network Backbone FAST FACTS "We deployed Aviatrix as our AWS inter-region backbone, and we haven't looked back. We were surprised at the immediate latency improvement, the visibility Aviatrix CoPilot delivers goes beyond anything we have seen from any cloud provider, and, as expected, we've been able to directly reduce costs by reducing the number of AWS Direct Connect circuits and WAN capacity requirements." — Cloud Infrastructure Leader at Fortune 500 Digital Experience Software Developer Aviatrix is the first, most affordable, and simple step on your journey to cloud networking: Request a demo > | Get ACE Certified > | Learn more >

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