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Upgrade Your Cloud Networking for SAP Migrations

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SAP MIGRATION PROJECT BENEFITS Maximizes Uptime, Minimizes Costs • Simplifies Deployment and Day-Two Operations Reducing Troubleshooting from "Weeks to Minutes" • Reduces Consulting Costs, Minimizes Project Delays and Accelerates Project Timelines Simplifies CSP Native Networking • Meets SAP Connectivity Requirements • S/4HANA in AWS requires Overlay/ Floating IPs, Aviatrix provides a simple solution and automates route propagation • C/4HANA Support for Overlapping IP Space, Aviatrix provides a simple solution with Automated Mapped NAT Delivers Multicloud Operational Visibility • Fast Troubleshooting • Rapidly Resolve BASIS vs Network vs SUSE/RH SAP performance issues • Realtime Application Analytics, Network Flow Analytics, including Network Latency Provides High-Performance Encryption • Aviatrix provides IPSec encryption where CSP can't, up to 25Gbps to the cloud over AWS Direct Connects or Azure ExpressRoutes, and up to 100 Gbps in the cloud • Reduces time and risk for "Master Data" migration Fortune 500 Businesses Use Aviatrix for Business-Critical Cloud Networking Infrastructure to support SAP S/4HANA in the cloud. Aviatrix is the leader in cloud networking, offering a solution that removes public cloud networking complexities, maximizes SAP systems uptime, and minimizes SAP project costs. Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking Aviatrix intelligent cloud networking is a foundational cloud infrastructure that helps accelerate SAP Cloud migration projects, allowing projects to move forward without disruption, gain efficiencies to fund innovation or reduce costs, and transform mission- critical systems to the cloud without risk to the business. Aviatrix delivers enterprise-class multicloud networking that businesses leverage to deliver critical applications more efficiently, simplify multicloud operations, speed merger and acquisition and 3rd-party integrations, and support cloud strategies for the next 30 years. Advanced Networking and Security Features While it is possible to use native cloud services to achieve the required basic connectivity, this approach often requires custom, brittle workarounds and ongoing manual updates. When these workarounds and manual updates fail they are very difficult to troubleshoot causing extended downtime, project delays and additional consulting costs. Aviatrix provides elegant solutions for overlapping IP Spaces in any cloud, Overlay/Floating IP requirements in AWS, high-performance encryption, secure network segmentation and embedded firewalling, all designed to simplify SAP Cloud Migrations and meet corporate and regulatory compliance. Visibility and Troubleshooting Native cloud networking services are "black boxes" from a visibility perspective. The limited visibility native cloud networking services deliver makes them difficult to troubleshoot, resulting in extended downtime, project delays and ultimately revenue loss. Business-critical applications, such as SAP S/4HANA and any related SAP applications, need enterprise-class visibility that native cloud services simply do not provide. Customers have said Aviatrix reduces troubleshooting "from weeks to minutes." Consistent Multicloud Operational Model 75% of enterprises already operate in a multicloud environment, so having an architecture and plan to support multicloud operations is priority one. Many SAP cloud migrations require multicloud environments. Workloads that need to connect to SAP services may be in multiple clouds, or SAP services may be delivered from different clouds. 1 © Aviatrix, 2022. SOLUTION BRIEF Upgrade Your Cloud Networking for SAP Migrations

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