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Socially Determined Overcomes CSP Cloud Networking Limitations to Increases Customer Satisfaction with Aviatrix

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Socially Determined Saves Time and Increases Customer Satisfaction with Aviatrix INDUSTRY Healthcare Technology Min Pummalee Senior DevSecOps Technical Specialist CASE STUDY For more information, visit © Aviatrix, 2023 As a healthcare technology firm, Socially Determined adheres to strict information security management policies, which are guided by the HITRUST security and privacy framework for protecting sensitive information, managing risk, and maintaining HIPAA compliance. At a time when the organization was looking for an improved methodology for granting secure access to the internet from its internal cloud network, the DevSecOps team discovered Aviatrix and began testing it as a potential solution. Transforming Socially Determined's Cloud Architecture As the team partnered with Aviatrix Support Services to set up a proof of concept, they quickly found that Aviatrix could help transform its cloud architecture in various ways beyond the scope of its test that may improve visibility and control across the network. "We started using Aviatrix as a point solution, thinking strictly about FQDN and how to mitigate the risk of external traffic," said Senior DevSecOps Technical Specialist, Min Pummalee. "We soon realized that implementing a spoke and hub model with a multicloud network data plane was equally important for improving our security posture." Led by Pummalee , the team began re-architecting its infrastructure using the Aviatrix Terraform Provider, which helped automate the process. "Support from Aviatrix helped a lot," said Pummalee. "They responded promptly to our questions and helped us fix issues in a very short amount of time." The team had a new environment provisioned within a day and quickly began taking advantage of a multitude of new features enabled by Aviatrix. Gaining Full Visibility to Troubleshoot and Mitigate Threats Efficiently One of the team's primary challenges was overcoming the native constructs of its cloud provider that made it difficult and time-consuming to gain network visibility. Using Aviatrix CoPilot, the team remedied this problem as it gained a global operational view of the network that was unlike anything available from its native cloud networking services. With CoPilot AppIQ, the team was able to identify disruptions or other issues within the network and troubleshoot quickly. The team also implemented Aviatrix ThreatIQ and ThreatGuard for improved risk mitigation. These tools helped the team to not only gain full visibility into the network through an intelligent network data plane, but to also automatically remediate threats as soon as the platform identified them. This combination of detection and prevention helped the team realize immense time savings as they no longer had to manually search through logs or try to make sense of data derived from various sources to identify threats. More Time to Drive Business-Critical Initiatives By centralizing all this important data into one place where the team could review or export it as needed, Aviatrix freed up time for the team to allocate resources toward other business-critical initiatives. The Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform also made compliance audits much less burdensome as the team could provide requested information from auditors more quickly and easily than ever before. Pummalee says that the biggest benefit his team has realized from Aviatrix is gaining back their time, which has a positive impact on both the organization and its customers. "With Aviatrix, we can resolve problems faster," said Pummalee. "This lets us service our internal teams and help them get products out faster. In the end, this leads to more satisfied customers." COMPANY • Socially Determined is a healthcare technology company that provides technology solutions to give organizations insights into the social risks of their populations to improve business performance and health outcomes. CHALLENGE • Needed to allow employees to securely access approved Internet sites from multiple internal secure cloud networks, but manually creating filtering rules was complex and time-consuming • Needed to improve network visibility as native cloud constructs made it difficult to attain reliable data without spending hours tracking down information • Needed a more reliable solution for detecting and eliminating security threats instead of relying on complicated mix of tools from cloud provider SOLUTION • Aviatrix Egress Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) delivered centralized control over Internet-bound traffic from internal cloud workloads, providing visibility into what internet-based services were being accessed while filtering communications by FQDN. • Aviatrix CoPilot with AppIQ delivered a global operational view of the network and the ability to review and troubleshoot quickly. • Aviatrix ThreatIQ and ThreatGuard provided an intelligent network data plane that actively monitored for emerging threats and automatically remediated identified threats. RESULTS • Immense time savings that allow for more time to be spent on business-critical initiatives • Less burdensome compliance audits • Increased efficiency of internal teams, increasing customer satisfaction

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