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© Aviatrix, 2023. 1 Aviatrix ® Enterprise Cloud Backbone Solution OVERVIEW As business-critical applications move to cloud, on-prem network experts are being asked to apply their networking knowledge and experience to make on-cloud networking more resilient, secure, agile, and cost effective. The Aviatrix secure cloud network backbone solution solves several pain points network engineers encounter when building, securing, and operating a secure cloud network backbone, without disrupting existing native cloud networking implementations. The solution delivers advanced routing, dynamic traffic engineering, and security capabilities network engineers are used to but are not available from CSPs. This solution maintains the agility and automation platform teams expect in cloud and adds enterprise-grade operational resiliency and troubleshooting features that network teams require to support business-critical applications. The Aviatrix secure cloud network backbone connects CSP native networking services in a single region, over multiple regions or across multiple clouds, as well as on-prem environments and carrier neutral colocation facilities, such as Equinix. Aviatrix CoPilot provides a consistent operation model across all cloud environments and extends that operating model to data center and/or Equinix edge locations, reducing the number and skill level of human resources required to resolve issues that impact business-critical application availability and performance. Aviatrix ® Secure Cloud Network Backbone Solution WHITE PAPER © Aviatrix, 2023

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