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© Aviatrix, 2023. 1 "We were a little nervous about taking on a full overhaul of cloud networking with Aviatrix, so we started with the simpler secure cloud network backbone and connected our existing cloud networking to it. We did it in an afternoon." — Enterprise Cloud Architect, Multinational automotive parts manufacturing company SOLUTION BRIEF Three Reasons to Attach Your AWS Transit Gateway to Aviatrix Secure Cloud Backbone Enterprise-Grade Operational Visibility and Troubleshooting, Advanced Networking, and Embedded Network Security. Enterprise Pain: The cloud teams in many large organizations use AWS Transit Gateway to build networking for their cloud infrastructure. Although this gives them a quick start to build environments, they encounter several limitations when expanding and operationalizing their network. These limitations include: 1. Limited visibility due to the lack of a consolidated dashboard for visualizing and troubleshooting traffic flow, which increases mean time to resolution (MTTR) for everyday issues. 2. Increasingly complex inter-region peering requirements as the organization's requirements grow and more virtual private clouds (VPCs) are created. There is also a lack of best practices for connecting to different cloud providers. 3. AWS Transit Gateway enables the creation of multiple local route tables for network segmentation (e.g., Prod, Dev, Test, PCI), but these tables do not extend to multiple regions. As a result, customers must migrate to AWS Cloud WAN. Other challenges include supporting overlapping IP addresses, encrypting connectivity to on-prem, and connecting to other clouds. However, we will focus on the three challenges mentioned above for now. Solution: The Aviatrix Secure Cloud Network Backbone solution does not replace the AWS Transit Gateways or require Aviatrix data plane to extend to VPCs. Simply attach AWS Transit Gateways to the Aviatrix Secure Cloud Network Backbone using our Terraform module, to achieve benefit.

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