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© Aviatrix, 2023. FAST FACTS Secure Cloud Network Backbone The enterprise network backbone has been the foundation of network architecture for decades. As business-critical applications are moving from the data center to cloud, enterprises are rethinking backbone network architecture to include cloud as part of the core backbone network. The core backbone networks are always built on the principals of resiliency, security, visibility, and cost with automation as the newest pillar. Understanding Cloud Networking Challenges Enterprises started the cloud journey by adding cloud to the network as an extension of data center, but the cloud native networking functions don't offer the features, functionality, visibility, and simplicity the core backbone network demands and hence, are facing many operational challenges. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently published their Multicloud Networking Study which explored these pain points, technology requirements, and operational challenges for multicloud networks. - Only 35% of enterprises believe they have been fully successful with their multicloud networking strategies. - While cloud-native networking solutions were the most popular, a mere 24% of enterprises were fully satisfied with the results. - The top pain points in multicloud networking are security risk, collaboration challenges, complexity across cloud providers, performance issues, and cloud networking product maturity. Why Existing Solutions for Cloud Backbone are Failing Enterprise Businesses currently struggle with the best design for their cloud backbones. Many initially use their existing private networks to backhaul data between cloud regions, but this introduces latency and complexity, which can impact their bottom line. To reduce these factors, some businesses try conventional SD-WAN or routing solutions to build a private mesh between regions, but this isn't ideal either – these solutions that are not cloud-aware are difficult to both manage and scale within cloud, leading to a lack of agility. While cloud native solutions are becoming more popular due to their superior agility, they lack mature routing and security capabilities, and offer no support for multicloud architectures. Finally, a Secure Cloud Backbone for Mission-Critical Applications Aviatrix Secure Cloud Backbone was purpose-built for enterprise and the business-critical applications they run in the cloud. This means that it is designed for simplicity, a critical area where existing solutions fail to deliver. Simplicity means an intuitive, agile, and consistent solution that is fast to deploy and easy to manage, which decreases TCO. Simplicity also means that you have full visibility into your traffic at every hop and along every path, making your cloud backbone more efficient to operate and troubleshoot, which improves MTTR. Aviatrix Secure Cloud Backbone also embeds security and resiliency into the network, providing high-speed encryption (up to 100 Gbps), real-time threat detection, rapid failover and convergence, and first-class support for dynamic routing and traffic steering. This enterprise-grade approach solves for gaps where cloud-native solutions are difficult to integrate into on-prem networks or global WANs. Aviatrix Secure Cloud Backbone supports Firenet, the industry-leading solution for Next Gen Firewall service insertion. Finally, Aviatrix Secure Cloud Backbone can be seamlessly connected to your network edge using the Aviatrix Secure Cloud Edge solution for Equinix customers or for data center customers. KEY BENEFITS ▪ Simplicity for building, securing, and operating your cloud backbone ▪ Best-practice multicloud architecture with rich automation support ▪ Line-rate encryption – up to 100 Gbps

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