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© Aviatrix, 2023. FAST FACTS Secure Cloud Egress Increased Attacks Are Causing Enterprises to Rethink Cloud Security Hackers are increasingly targeting cloud applications, and unfortunately, businesses are reporting a sharp up-tick in cloud-related security breaches. This is causing many businesses to rethink their approach to cloud security, in order to better protect both their customers' data and their mission-critical applications. Cloud Presents New Challenges for Secure Egress Unlike a traditional data center, public clouds are designed to give an application quick and easy access to the Internet anywhere it is deployed. This makes cloud applications notoriously challenging to protect. Adding to this difficulty is the fact that cloud applications can be deployed in hours or even minutes, making it hard for security teams to keep up. Finally, it's difficult for security teams to implement a new approach to egress security without rearchitecting the network, the application, or both. The Challenge of Cloud-Native NAT Gateways Cloud-native solutions like NAT gateways give DevOps teams the speed and agility they need, as they are simple to manage and quick to deploy. This makes them popular for agile applications and non- production workloads. However, in addition to being expensive, cloud-native NAT solutions do not offer application visibility or threat detection. Without an embedded secure egress solution, cloud applications are able to communicate with malicious endpoints or even steal your data over the Internet, and you would never know it. The ideal solution for secure egress in cloud needs to provide enterprise-class security and threat detection with a simple-to-deploy, manage, and scale solution that enables agile frameworks. It should also embed security into the entire network by default without disrupting or impacting your existing architecture. The Solution: A Distributed Perimeter Aviatrix Secure Egress provides visibility and centralized control over Internet-bound traffic, across AWS, Azure, and GCP. It embeds deep application visibility, geo- blocking, and industry-leading threat detection throughout your entire cloud network, creating a distributed perimeter around all your lines of business. Aviatrix Secure Egress is an agile solution that leverages automation and cloud-native orchestration to enable rapid deployment, be it at a global scale, a single region, or just one application at a time. Most importantly, Aviatrix Secure Egress protects your cloud applications where it matters most – anywhere and everywhere they face the Internet in cloud. This gives security teams and application owners the complete protection and peace of mind required to build and scale business-critical applications in the cloud. KEY BENEFITS ▪ Purpose Built for Cloud – AWS, Azure, GCP ▪ Embedded Security – Creates a distributed perimeter across the entire cloud network ▪ Cost Intelligence – Superior value compared to cloud-native NAT gateways ▪ Cloud exploitation grew by 95% in 2022, a 3x increase in cloud-specific attacks from the previous year. 1 ▪ 81% of companies experienced a cloud security incident in 2022. 2 ▪ Approximately 4 out of 5 IT leaders agree that current cloud approaches are creating new security risks for their enterprise. 3 ▪ 58% of cloud-mature organizations are actively looking for new cloud security solutions. 4

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