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Aviatrix® Distributed Cloud Firewall Network Security Architected for Cloud

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© Aviatrix, 2023. 1 Aviatrix ® Distributed Cloud Firewall WHITE PAPER Aviatrix ® Distributed Cloud Firewall Network Security Architected for Cloud OVERVIEW Multicloud architectures and increasingly nimble development cycles have redefined modern enterprises, freeing them to get more done, faster, and with more resilience. The problem is that while the business has successfully moved to the cloud, enterprise security has not. The Aviatrix Distributed Firewall changes all that. Virtually every major enterprise technology has been reborn in the cloud era. Infrastructure, data, compute, applications, and networking can all be accessed as a single, unified service abstracted from the underlying hardware and free to scale and adapt to almost any need. Network security is a glaring exception. While network security products have certainly been ported to run in the cloud, they are not of it. They remain a bolted-on layer of individual piece parts, designed for a time when organizations only had a few perimeter control points and assets were largely static and stayed in one place. The result is a fundamental mismatch between computing and security models that has serious consequences for enterprises. Security has become worse, not because network security tools haven't improved, but because they increasingly never see the traffic in the first place. Unable to keep pace with the dynamic, ephemeral nature of the cloud, many organizations only deploy network security by exception and often without visibility into internal traffic between services. On the other hand, attempts to force cloud applications to conform to old security architectures creates complex and expensive traffic routing that undercuts the reasons organizations moved to the cloud in the first place. This has left security teams in a no-win situation where their work has become infinitely more complex and at odds with the rest of the business because their existing tools can't possibly keep pace with the speed of the cloud. The Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall solves these problems by merging cloud networking and cloud security. Instead of a bolt-on approach, inspection and security are embedded as part of the cloud network itself. Visibility and security become innate parts of the network that always remains in lockstep as workloads move, are spun up, and spun down. Instead of countless piece parts, Aviatrix acts as a single, unified, and centrally managed firewall where inspection and enforcement is distributed into the natural path of traffic. All assets are protected by a full stack of network security capabilities including decryption, threat prevention, vulnerability scanning, micro-segmentation, reputation-based filtering, and advanced NAT capabilities. This means that developers are free to work at their top speed while security teams know that their visibility, policies, and protections are consistent and always in sync even across different cloud providers. In this paper, we will briefly introduce the core concepts of the Aviatrix Distributed Firewall along with five key ways it transforms how organizations approach security in the cloud. © Aviatrix, 2023

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