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Solution Guide: Aviatrix Secure Egress Filtering on AWS Cloud

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Solution Guide: Aviatrix Secure Egress Filtering on AWS Cloud Overview This soluon guide provides automaon and step-by-step instrucons for deploying the Aviatrix Secure Egress soluon on the AWS Cloud. This soluon guide uses AWS APIs to automacally deploy an Aviatrix Controller and Aviatrix CoPilot for enabling the Aviatrix Secure Egress soluon in a new or exisng virtual private cloud (VPC). This guide assumes you are familiar with Network Address Translaon (NAT), AWS NAT Gateways, and their uses case or enabling egress traffic for VPC private subnets. What problem does this soluon solve? Amazon EC2 instances are launched in VPC private subnets to be protected from the internet and require internet access to download security patches, soware updates, access code repositories, SaaS applicaons, and reach other important sites (this traffic is commonly referred to as Egress traffic). As a security best pracce, organizaons may also want to enable egress but only with a strict set of security policies that define the domains on the internet that be accessed and nothing more, have visibility of all egress traffic as it is permied or denied by the security policies. Accomplishing this on your own can be challenging, me-consuming, and could result in costly data processing charges. The Aviatrix Secure Egress Filtering soluon that you will deploy using this guide provides egress NAT capabilies you need along with fine-grained domain-based security controls, distributed firewalling, and deep traffic visibility in a simple, cost-effecve soluon that you can centrally manage from the Aviatrix plaorm UI or with automaon using the Aviatrix Terraform provider. Aviatrix Secure Egress Filtering on AWS AWS offers you different methods for helping to secure resources in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) networks. One important security measure is to effecvely control inbound (ingress) and outbound (egress) VPC network traffic so that you can disnguish between legimate and illegimate requests. Workloads in AWS are typically limited to applicaons and services where the desnaon of outbound traffic is known. For example, a reporng applicaon might connect to for authencaon and might also query for data. Another applicaon might associate with a hosted database service or a file-sharing service. Specifying policies by IP address isn't praccal for these types of services because the domain names can translate to many different IP addresses. Also, security groups for EC2 instances must be managed on each server, and there's a strict limit on the number of entries that are added.

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