The Top 10 Cloud Networking Challenges Resolved

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Top 10 Cloud Networking Challenges Resolved by Secure Cloud Networking 2 © Aviatrix, 2023. 2 Introduction 3 Challenge #1: Sprawl of Consoles – No One Has a Full View of the Network 4 Challenge #2: Unpredictable Cloud Network Costs 5 Challenge #3: Unencrypted Data Path, Low Encryption Bandwidth (1.25 Gbps) 6 Challenge #4: Multiple Automation Stacks and a Lack of Cloud Networking Expertise 7 Challenge #5: Lack of Easy-to-Use Consolidated Tools, Long MTTR/MTTI 8 Challenge #6: Extending Data Center (DC) or Colocation into Cloud Requires Manual Heavy Lifting 9 Challenge #7: Slow Expansion to Multicloud and Connection to New Regions, Customers, Etc. 10 Challenge #8: Complicated Integration with Traditional Firewalls, Internet Ingress/Egress 11 Challenge #9: Complicated Integration with SD-WAN/SASE Solutions 12 Challenge #10: Complicated Network Segmentation 13 References TABLE OF CONTENTS 76% of customers are not happy with the native networking functions that cloud providers offer 1 93% of organizations are interested in an end-to-end multicloud networking solution 1 Uncover the top 10 challenges encountered by enterprise networking teams and the solutions to overcome the pain points. In this eBook we explore business drivers, technical barriers, and how to streamline cloud networking and bolster security. INTRODUCTION

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