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Top Ten Reasons: AWS and Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking

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SINGLE PANE OF GLASS: Aviatrix CoPilot offers a unified topology view, allowing users to visualize their entire network across regions and cloud providers easily. With a single pane of glass, users can drill down to specific gateways, providing a full end-to-end view for efficient network management. FLOW ANALYSIS AND INTELLIGENCE: Aviatrix identifies trends and provides valuable insights by performing deep analysis on collected data. You can further explore individual traffic flows across various fields of NetFlow logs, aiding in root cause analysis, security investigations, and compliance confirmation. COST SAVINGS: Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall for Secure Egress helps customers save on costs by eliminating data processing charges while providing real-time and historical visibility into network usage for cost optimization and future planning. Additionally, it offers flexibility with overconsumption allowance and enables accurate cost allocation for shared cloud services, facilitating easy distribution of costs by FinOps teams. IMPROVED CLOUD SECURITY: In any cloud where there is no clear perimeter, Aviatrix simplifies security by embedding it directly into the network architecture, eliminating the need for complex redesigns. This approach ensures consistent security controls, simplifies management, and reduces risks, providing a secure foundation for your cloud network infrastructure. SIMPLIFY COMPLEXITIES: To simplify cloud networking and adoption, Aviatrix provides an advanced and customizable control layer spanning various clouds. Aviatrix simplifies the management process and brings back a unified on-premises-like experience to your multicloud environment. FIREWALL SERVICE INSERTION: Aviatrix seamlessly integrates with popular NGFWs like Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Fortinet, and F5 firewalls. With Aviatrix FireNet, organizations can achieve high-performance load balancing without SNAT and automated route propagation. This simplifies the deployment and scalability of NGFWs while ensuring a consistent and stable firewall architecture across all clouds. CONSISTENT NETWORKING: Aviatrix ensures a consistent and reliable approach to managing multiple clouds by providing repeatable designs. It enables secure and scalable networks by keeping inter-region cloud network traffic within the cloud infrastructure, ensuring high availability. In collaboration with AWS, Aviatrix offers a secure cloud networking solution that drives faster, more efficient, and more effective cloud operations, leading to improved performance. By leveraging the combined capabilities of Aviatrix and AWS, businesses can fully maximize the potential benefits of their cloud infrastructure, resulting in improved security, reduced IT expenses, and simplified operations. Request a demo > Get ACE Certified > Learn more > © Aviatrix, 2023. 4 5 6 8 9 10 7

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