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Aviatrix Extends the Cloud Operational Model to the Enterprise Edge

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© Aviatrix, 2023. SOLUTION BRIEF Aviatrix Secure Edge – Extending the Cloud Operational Model to the Enterprise Edge Aviatrix Secure Edge is an extension of Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking, providing features and capabilities for cloud to edge locations such as data centers, large edge sites, and mid-mile colocation facilities. With Aviatrix Secure Edge, edge locations operate like a cloud VPC or VNet, offering consistent networking, security, visibility, and infrastructure automation. Additionally, Aviatrix Secure Edge delivers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities for tracking network performance and security metrics across multiple cloud platforms, helping to proactively address issues before they impact cloud environments. Aviatrix Edge is a fully packaged physical appliance or software only that can operate on customer-owned hardware platforms, with both options requiring an Aviatrix controller launched from AWS, Azure, or GCP Marketplaces. Aviatrix Secure Edge offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, with the ability to track network performance and security metrics across multiple cloud platforms. This makes it easy to identify and address issues before they impact your cloud environments' performance or security. Platform Options Aviatrix Edge Platform Aviatrix Edge is a cloud-managed edge solution that simplifies onboarding and lifecycle management of Edge infrastructure. It provides complete visibility and monitoring of Aviatrix Edge infrastructure via the cloud. The Aviatrix controller deploys the Edge software, seamlessly extending an enterprise's multi-cloud infrastructure to edge locations Aviatrix Secure Edge Benefits Extends Cloud Operations to the Edge • Operates like a cloud VPC or VNet • Terraform infrastructure as code automation • Low-Touch Provisioning at edge site High-Performance Encryption • Secure your traffic across your networks with the highest performance IPsec encryption • Wire-speed encryption over private links or Internet, up to 25 Gbps Operational Visibility and Control • Same visibility and control our customers are used to in the cloud • Troubleshoot issues through the same interface regardless of your workloads location • Extend Day-2 Operational tooling used in the cloud to edge with real-time application analytics, Netflow, and network latency monitoring. Highlighted Features • Multicloud connectivity • Edge resiliency with Active-Active, full mesh multi-path connectivity to cloud • Elegant solution for overlapping CIDR with NAT at Edge • Local breakout at Edge • Layer 4 Distributed Cloud Firewall for Edge- to-Cloud Network Security • VLAN/VRRP at Edge and Network Segmentation at Edge " There's nothing that even comes close to Aviatrix Secure Edge for encrypted thoughput between the our data center and cloud . " Raytheon Technologoies

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