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Cloud Security at the Speed of Cloud | Chris McHenry on Altitude Podcast

Watch this short clip from Altitude Ep. 7 Proactive Threat Prevention in the Cloud. On this episode, Woody is joined by Chris McHenry, Director of Solution Strategy at Aviatrix, for a deep dive into the world of zero-trust networking. Chris shares his expertise on this increasingly important security paradigm, which focuses on proactive prevention rather than simply detecting threats. Drawing from the history of enterprise security and the evolution of firewalls, Chris highlights how zero-trust networking has gained momentum as a more powerful way to protect networks from potential breaches. The conversation touches on the limitations of traditional threat detection methods, which have become less effective as attackers have grown more sophisticated. Woody and Chris discuss how high-profile cyber attacks, like those involving tax software in Ukraine and the SolarWinds supply chain attack, have driven a shift in focus towards zero trust security. By adopting this approach, organizations can ensure that no user or device is automatically trusted, and security teams can stay one step ahead of potential threats. Learn more about the Altitude podcast: Spotify: Apple: #cloudsecurity #zerotrust #cloud #cloudcomputing #cloudservices #aviatrix #podcast