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Enterprise Strategies for Overcoming the Cloud Skills Shortage

The mass migration of enterprises to the cloud has created an unprecedented and accelerating demand for skilled cloud networking professionals. The result: a general talent shortage and critical skills gap for enterprises attempting to design and implement future-proof cloud networking architectures. 


In this episode of The Cloud Pragmatist, Aviatrix host Abhishek Bhat and guest Yousuf Mayet, Global Service Owner of Wide Area Networks for multinational manufacturer Cummins Inc., will dive into this important issue and provide strategies for closing the cloud networking skills gap to keep business transformation initiatives on track.


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What You’ll Learn

Join the conversation as Abhishek and Yousuf discuss: 

  • Specific use cases of how enterprises navigated the skills gap while implementing an effective cloud networking architecture
  • How and when to use professional services offerings to accelerate and future-proof cloud deployments, whether single-, hybrid- or multi-cloud
  • Mistakes to avoid when engaging external engineering services or using embedded engineering teams 

Abhishek and Yousuf will take questions from the audience during this live webinar. 


About the Speakers


Abhishek Bhat is Vice President of Advanced Cloud Services for Aviatrix. ACS is a managed offering of customizable professional services to help enterprises accelerate and future-proof their cloud deployments. Abhishek has nearly 20 years of experience in network support, testing and software development.


Yousuf Mayet is Global Service Owner of Wide Area Networks for Cummins Inc., a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, filtration, and power generation products. In this role, Yousuf is responsible for the global wide area networks for Cummins. He holds an MBA and BSc in Computer Science and Information Systems. His areas of expertise include: IT architecture, processes, negotiation, IT operations, business and financial and procurement. Prior to his current role, Yousuf was IT Leader for Cummins in Africa where he was responsible for the regional delivery, management and execution of IT services to all entities on the African continent. Prior to joining Cummins, Yousuf held senior IT roles at IBM, TSS Managed Services, Masana Technologies and Sasol. His career in information technology spans more than 20 years. 


About The Cloud Pragmatist Series

This series is designed to help networking and cloud architects, engineers, programmers, and developers turn networking and security challenges into opportunities. You’ll learn about the most important cloud networking trends and how to avoid costly mistakes. To catch up on what you’ve missed, check out all of The Cloud Pragmatist resources.