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ACE Program Testimonial | Felipe Farias Eccel

Felipe Farias Eccel (ACE Design Expert #0043) explains how the ACE Design Expert certification goes beyond just understanding networking tools, instead focusing on architecture and key cloud concepts. The design development and defense teaches students to apply cost, security, management, operational, and performance considerations within the network architecture, enabling them to propose solutions and align them with their business vision. The ACE experience is exceptionally rich and valuable, especially as the future lies in the cloud. Learn more at Felipe's LinkedIn: -- English Translation [adjusted for brevity] My message to people starting in the cloud world and starting to work with cloud networking is that, like in the on-premise scenario, for a data center design, you follow a framework. Similarly, when you go to the cloud world, you need to follow a reference design or framework. Even though we have different ways of working in the cloud, from various application perspectives, the problems and needs are the same, especially regarding networking. So it is fundamental when we start to create new cloud structures that we do this planning and look for a robust structure, a solid design. Because no matter how small you start or how small your applications are or how big your applications are, it is necessary to design based on architecture. Design a scenario yourself and learn the basic infrastructures we call connectivity, to understand how it will work. This connectivity part is extremely important because it covers so many scenarios. Covering the security part, like how that application will work inside the cloud and independently. It is important to consider Aviatrix to make it simple. It is very important that you understand because everything that is done today inside the cloud you can do with the native tools and everything else. But it [Aviatrix] abstracts and generates great value for the company, because it simplifies this process. So you can manage, create all these necessary resources that we call baseline for the operation of the applications for the use of the cloud. So my advice is. Today, as much as you can start with one cloud or with using two, but it is necessary to do this work of designing architecture, of seeing how it is going to work. This part of network connectivity is very important and the Aviatrix for our case was essential for our evolution. In order for us to have the power to scale up, to have this strong connectivity structure, to have the standards to have segmentation and to improve the operational. Now talking about this process of the ACE Design Expert certification exam I think is very cool, because it brings a huge proximity to the solution that we end up using and that is essential for everything else we work on. So I think this work of understanding all the concepts and not only talking about the tool itself, but talking about architecture and the concepts is essential and exceptional. It knows how to apply cost concepts, apply security concepts, apply management concepts, apply concepts of operation within the solution and within the network architecture. So bringing that knowledge to those who are working day to day and improving that knowledge and proposing solutions and sharing even their vision as a business. So it is very, very rich and exceptional. It is an incredible experience. For me the future is cloud. I find it very difficult, nearly impossible. From now on we are talking about not having these resources being used in the cloud. And I think it is important to think about these CRAMPS design pillars. ** Cost ** Recoverability ** Availability ** Manageability ** Performance ** Security This is what Aviatrix proposes along with this ACE program, which helps to understand all these pillars and is to understand the solution. Start applying these in everyday life. And it really generates enormous value.