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Webinar | Next-Gen Threat Mitigation with Intelligent Cloud Networking

Cybercriminals are actively threatening networks and applications with malicious activity including ransomware, phishing, data exfiltration, crypto mining, and DDoS attacks. Cloud threats today are complex and have become completely out of the reach for siloed security solutions that use coarse, out-of-context, and non-real-time analysis. Aviatrix’s threat intelligence solution, ThreatIQ, provides 360-degree threat hunting by working with major next-generation firewall (NGFW) vendors like Palo Alto Networks. The joint solution allows enterprises to hunt and block the full spectrum of malicious activities applied in an attack. Learn how the network data plane provides an extremely powerful foundation not only to detect cybersecurity threats in realtime, but also to layer in intelligence for rapid remediation in conjunction with NGFW and other security controls.