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TechTalk | How to solve overlapping IPs, NAT, and other challenges at scale in the cloud

Organizations building their enterprise workload and applications in the cloud have extensive requirements to make them available to various kinds of consumers. The connectivity requirements vary depending on where the traffic is coming from. For example, it can be internal connectivity coming from branches, data centers, partners or customers connecting to the applications from the same cloud, a different cloud or a different type of on-prem location. This connectivity to cloud poses several challenges: Managing overlapping CIDR within Cloud / On-prem DC/Branch /Affiliates Limited traffic engineering, route controls & NAT Limit the external traffic to approved apps or destinations in the cloud Inspect untrusted inbound traffic via service insertion before allowing to communicate with applications Limited visibility into traffic flows In this session, solutions architects will review these challenges and how Aviatrix Secure Site2Cloud provides seamless connectivity with advanced features such as NAT, Segmentation, Service insertion, and visibility.