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TechTalk | Meet Aviatrix’s new Principal Evangelist, formerly Dir of Global Network Eng at Citigroup

Join us as we explore the wisdom of John Gonsalves gained in his 20 years at Citigroup. John led global network engineering where he was responsible for building a next-generation networking architecture. He helped transform Citi’s global network and voice infrastructure into a modern, automated, and easily consumable service. John is a passionate technologist and a champion for innovation. He is a firm believer in "automation everywhere” and using technology to help businesses operate more efficiently. What advice does he have for network teams who are responsible for today’s enterprise cloud transformation? In the TechTalk, we will discuss: -The business outcomes IT leaders want from this transformation. -How to innovate, taking advantage of the simplicity and agility of the cloud, while maintaining operational control and security enterprises require. -Alternative approaches – cloud native/DIY or multi-cloud abstraction layer? What are the business and technical issues to consider? -How to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements when data is moving in and out of public clouds?