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  1. A Deeper Look at the Distributed Cloud Firewall: A Firewall for the Cloud Era 

    In November of 2021, a team of security researchers at Alibaba announced a massive discovery. Log4J, one of the most popular libraries in the 2nd most popular programming language, had an extremely simple Remote Code Execution vulnerability. They nicknamed it “Log4Shell.” This, like several Apache Struts vulnerabilities before it, was a 5-alarm fire for many…

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  2. TechTalk | Enhance Cloud Security. Lower Your TCO. Keep Your Architecture.

    As applications have moved to the cloud, the enterprise perimeter has become distributed, threats have become more prevalent, and organizations are racing to regain control of network security. Traditional solutions are often expensive to deploy, require significant architectural changes, or compromise development speed and agility for security. Aviatrix is the first to offer a suite of…