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Optimize business-critical application availability, performance, security, and cost.

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Eric Norman, Head of Infrastructure Architecture & Innovation at IHG Hotels & Resorts chats about Intelligent Cloud Networking

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Choice Hotels Selects Aviatrix

Global Lodging Franchisor Builds Business-Critical Architecture for its Next Phase of Digital Transformation

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Enterprises around the world have transformed their business in the cloud with Aviatrix.

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Business-critical applications
require business-critical infrastructure

Intelligent Cloud Networking combines Aviatrix CoPilot™ and Aviatrix AirSpace™ to optimize business-critical application availability, performance, security, and cost.

  • Aviatrix CoPilot for operational visibility and programmable intent.
  • Aviatrix AirSpace for multicloud networking with embedded telemetry and distributed control.

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Build a secure, high-performance, low-latency, multicloud networking backbone.

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“We deployed Aviatrix as our AWS inter-region backbone, and we haven't looked back. The immediate latency improvement and Aviatrix CoPilot's visibility goes beyond anything we have seen from any cloud provider.”

Make your IT team the A-Team

With intelligence threaded through the fabric of the network, you’ll empower your teams with fast application development and advanced control and full visibility of the entire enterprise network.

  • Reduce Downtime

    Reduce Downtime

  • Improve Security Posture

    Improve Security Posture

  • Close The Skills Gap

    Close The Skills Gap

  • Increase Resource Efficiency

    Increase Resource Efficiency

Solution Brief

Cloud Network Backbone

A Cloud Network Backbone is the starting point for building a cloud network – "Start simple and build as you grow.”

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Technical Validation Report

Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking

A summary of the findings from ESG who evaluated the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform.

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Get Multicloud Certified

ACE is the industry’s first and only multi-cloud networking certification program. See how you can get your team certified.

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Steve Mullaney, CEO of Aviatrix, on the cloud market's 'Cambrian explosion'

Networking is the most strategic piece of infrastructure an enterprise has, and enterprises don't like the cloud providers because they get no visibility and control. When there's a problem, AWS says, ‘Well, I don't think there's a problem, Steve,’ and you can’t prove it because they don’t give you any visibility. And that’s fine if you’re just cobbling some scripts together to run a couple of applications over AWS or Azure. But as soon as you’re running mission-critical, enterprise-grade, business-grade applications, and across not one cloud, but multiple clouds, and downtime is a million dollars a minute, now you’re something legitimate. That's where we come in.

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10 Hot Cloud Computing Startup Companies To Watch In 2023

These 10 innovative cloud computing startups have a bright future in 2023 by helping customers cut cloud costs, better leverage cloud data, and simplify multi-cloud environments.


Introducing CostIQ: Accurate Allocations for Shared Cloud Network Services

CostIQ solves one of the biggest limitations inherent to native cloud service provider (CSP) networking – cost to cloud. 

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