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In the 2024 Secure Cloud Networking Field Report, more than three out of five (62.6%) respondents said their company has struggled to hire the necessary candidates to support cloud initiatives within their organization. Now, you have the opportunity to advance your career, master new skills, and define the future of cloud networking with our Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program.

Partnering with Aviatrix for ACE training is an opportunity to become proficient in cloud networking. It enables anyone to innovate and succeed with new cloud networking skills. We are committed to supporting you throughout the journey, empowering you to shape the future of cloud networking.

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Instructor-Led Trainings

Learn from experienced instructors who have in-depth knowledge of multicloud networking and security.

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Virtual Self-Paced Course

The ACE Associate training is the starting point for your multicloud networking and security education. No experience needed!

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Self-Paced Automation Course

The ACE Automation Specialty (IaC) course combines DevOps concepts by automating a multicloud network infrastructure through hands-on labs.

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“Aviatrix ACE opened up doors I never thought possible. Through this program, I gained practical skills, best practices, and access to a supportive community of fellow professionals. It’s been a transformative experience for my career.”

– Alex, ACE Design Expert

Dig a Little Deeper

The Aviatrix ACE program offers comprehensive learning paths for multicloud networking certification. These learning paths include foundational, expert, and specialty courses to help you develop a deep understanding of multicloud networking.

Standard Learning Path

ACE Associate Badge

ACE Associate

6 Hours$895

Self-Paced Lecture

Learn CSP networking basics

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ACE Professional Badge

ACE Professional

20 Hours Over 3 Days$2,295

Instructor-Led Lecture with Labs

Deploy proven design patterns for a multicloud network architecture

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ACE Design Expert Badge

ACE Design Expert

Weeks to Prepare$2,995

In-Person Design Defense

Design your own scalable and secure multicloud network

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Specialty Courses

ACE Network Security Specialty

5 Hours$895

Instructor-Led with Labs

Learn to secure a cloud network

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ACE Network Security Specialty Badge

ACE SAP Specialty

6 Hours$895

Instructor-Led with Labs

Learn CSP networking basics and SAP fundamentals with a focus on S/4HANA

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ACE SAP Specialty Badge

ACE Multicloud Backbone and Hybrid Connectivity Specialty

4 Hours$895

Instructor-Led with Labs

Use the CSP underlay network to build a cloud network backbone

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ACE Multicloud Backbone Specialty Badge

ACE Automation Specialty

4 Hours$995

Self-Paced Lecture with Labs

Use IaC tools to build, enhance, and secure infrastructure

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ACE Automation Badge

ACE Operations Specialty

12 Hours Over 2 Days$1,295

Instructor-Led Lecture with Labs

Troubleshoot real-world Day 2 cloud issues

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ACE Operations Specialty Badge
ACE Certified Engineer Badge
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Join The Cloud Network, our new community for cloud networking experts

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Uplevel your career and learn why you should become multicloud educated

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Questions? Please visit our ACE FAQ or contact [email protected].


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I use the skills I learned in ACE daily. In addition to providing training on Aviatrix products, the coursework took a deeper dive under the cloud providers' covers. Thanks to this training, I have a better understanding of their underlay networks, which simplifies troubleshooting. With more and more enterprises migrating to the cloud, I believe ACEs will be highly desirable due to their multicloud expertise.

Which ACE Multicloud Certification Level is Right for Me?

Please note that the Associate certification is a mandatory prerequisite for all other certifications.




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Associate for SAP


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Automation (IaC)


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Design Expert

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Delivery Self-Paced Lecture Instructor-Led with Labs Self-Paced Lecture with Labs Instructor-Led Lecture with Labs Instructor-Led Lecture with Labs In-Person Design Defense
Duration 6 Hours 6 Hours 4 Hours 12 Hours Over 2 Days 20 Hours Over 3 Days Weeks to Prepare
Price $895 $895 $995 $1,295 $2,295 $2,995

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