Aviatrix Certified Engineer Multicloud Network Automation Specialty (IaC)

The Aviatrix Certified Engineer Multicloud Network Automation Specialty (IaC) course brings the concepts of DevOps together by automating a multicloud network infrastructure through hands-on labs. The training includes solved walkthrough guides of each lab. Students can expect to enter the training with no coding background and complete the training with an understanding of how to use IaC tools (GitHub and Terraform Cloud) to build, enhance, and secure multicloud networks at scale in an automated fashion.

Course Format and System Requirements

The course will consist of lecture content and 3 hands-on labs.


4 Hours

Course Objectives

• Automate a secure multicloud network using the Aviatrix cloud network platform and the principles of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code

• Collaborate with other stakeholders in your organization by building CI/CD pipelines to apply a very common use case in the cloud – Egress Security

Intended Audience

• DevOps Teams

• SecOps Teams

• NetSecOps Teams

• Operations Teams

• Infrastructure Teams


The ACE Associate certificate is a mandatory prerequisite.

In addition, the training materials expect you have deployed the Aviatrix Controller in AWS using the Sandbox Starter Tool.

You’ll also need GitHub and Terraform Cloud accounts.

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  • Self-Paced Automation Specialty (IaC) Course

    Training is $9.95 USD through June 30th with code aceinfrastructure ($995 USD value)

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The ACE Certification has made a huge impact on my career. I use the skills I learned in the training while implementing modern multicloud network architectures for my customers, skills that are very important in an increasingly multicloud world.
Manas Mondal
Solutions Architect
IT Services Industry