Aviatrix Certified Engineer Multicloud Network for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Specialty

The Aviatrix Certified Engineer Multicloud Network for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Specialty Training was created for MSPs that provide infrastructure as well as common services and applications to multiple tenants or customers.


In this advanced course, students will learn how to deploy, manage, and operate MSPs or large enterprises from a networking and security standpoint. Students will develop a deep understanding of how to connect their on-premises locations to landing zones, isolate tenants, secure their MSP infrastructure, and learn advanced NAT and routing scenarios.

Course Format and System Requirements

The ACE MSP Specialty course is in a virtual, instructor-led format with lecture content, demos, and hands-on labs.


8 hours

Course Outline

  • MSP Backbone (Lecture)
  • Build the MSP Backbone (Lab)
  • Network Segmentation (Lecture)
  • Isolate the Tenant (Lab)
  • FireNet (Lecture)
  • Protect the MSP Backbone (Lab)
  • Site2Cloud (Lecture)
  • Connect Tenants to Their On-Premises Location (Lab)
  • Advanced NAT (Lecture)
  • Use NAT to Overcome Overlapping Addresses (Lab)
  • Advanced Routing Capabilities (Lecture)
  • Explore Advanced Routing Features (Lab)
  • Security Posture (Lecture)
  • Explore Distributed FW (Lab)

Intended Audience

  • Employees of global MSPs
  • IT teams at large enterprises who serve as service provider that provide infrastructure to different lines of business within the organization


The ACE Associate certificate is a mandatory prerequisite. We recommend that students have some familiarity with the Aviatrix Secure Cloud Network Platform.

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The ACE certification has had a very positive impact on my career trajectory. The training has allowed me to better understand the ever-changing multicloud world which has helped me become a more effective network engineer.
Dinesh Mathiyazhagan
Cloud Networking Engineer
Software Industry