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Aviatrix NAT Gateway

Explore your Potential Savings while Increasing Security.

Aviatrix is redefining cloud security and is dedicated to minimizing expenses, simplifying network complexities, and optimizing security.


The Aviatrix NAT Gateway solution provides a simple, cost-effective, redundant, scalable, performant option that gets deployed in minutes without changing the VPC or application architecture. Learn how our joint solutions can reduce cloud spend on average by 25% with no architectural changes.




Why Replace NAT Gateway?

  • Cost Optimization: Eliminate unnecessary data processing costs, especially for high traffic volumes; Reduce costs by blocking the unnecessary egress traffic with zero-trust policies and their distributed enforcement
  • Cost Predictability: Enables FinOps and budget teams to better manage and control expenses associated with their network operations in the cloud, ensuring visibility and predictability in cost allocation. Cost predictability allows teams to effectively plan and allocate resources effectively.
  • Control and Visibility: Realtime and automated drawing of topology map with NetFlow stats that shows in-depth egress traffic analysis, giving you complete control and visibility across your entire environment and across clouds.
  • Integrated Threat Prevention: Unlike bolted-on security, embedded security includes threat prevention capabilities. By combining NAT functionality with these security features, organizations can simplify their infrastructure, consolidate security, and save on costs.
  • Performance Optimization: Eliminate performance bottlenecks or latency issues due to high traffic volumes or network complexities by using embedded security to achieve better performance and lower latency.
  • Hybrid or Multicloud Environments: Embedded security that provides consistency across multiple clouds or on-prem offers centralized management and reduces the complexity of maintaining separate security solutions for each environment.

Control Cloud Costs

Save an average of 25% annually compared to cloud-native NAT solutions.  

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Enhance Network Security

Provides embedded, advanced security where you need it the most – at the boundary between your application and the Internet. 

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Multicloud Agility

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“We’re coming to the table saying you don’t need that high-cost NAT gateway. We are showing them how they can save money. It is really giving them visibility, understanding and awareness.”  – John Bristol, Enterprise Vision Technologies

Aviatrix’s New Distributed Cloud Firewall Is Saving One AWS Customer $6M A Year

Embed Cloud Network Security

Aviatrix and AWS are vested in promoting efficient, secure, and scalable network architectures for their customers. By supporting NAT gateway replacement, together we support optimized solutions that align with customer needs, cost control, and enhanced benefits.

Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall for Egress

As a one-to-one replacement for NAT Gateways or virtual firewalls (or both), it can be deployed at a far lower cost and offers predictable fixed monthly billing.

The solution is managed centrally through Aviatrix CoPilot, which provides deep insights into existing and emerging threats in a single pane of glass, leading to lower  mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Most importantly, Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall for Egress protects your cloud applications where it matters most – anywhere and everywhere they face the Internet in the cloud. This gives security teams and application owners the complete protection and peace of mind required to build and scale business-critical apps in the cloud.

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Why Aviatrix? 

Aviatrix presents a game-changing solution that is not only cost-effective and low-risk, but also highly available, enabling businesses to enhance their cloud network security while reducing IT expenditure. This integrated solution delivers advanced NAT capabilities that can be effortlessly deployed within an hour, without requiring architectural modifications.



Become the cloud networking hero of your business.

See how Aviatrix can increase security and resiliency while minimizing cost, skills gap, and deployment time.