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Aviatrix and AWS

As an AWS partner with networking and security competencies, Aviatrix is committed to enhancing native AWS networking and security features. Aviatrix complements the wide range of networking options available in AWS by offering simplified operations, advanced security, and cost optimization to support the ever-evolving needs of modern businesses. Together, we ensure you gain maximum value from your cloud investment.


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Key Benefits of Aviatrix on AWS

Simplified cloud networking

A unified management interface allows you to monitor and manage your entire cloud network with operational efficiency.

Advanced egress security optimized for cloud architecture and costs

Unique in its ability to bridge the gap between traditional network security and cloud, Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall embeds security into the entire network, creating an agile, zero-trust environment. This embedded approach reduces the number of existing firewalls required, helping you gain immediate cost savings while improving security.

Seamless connectivity across environments

If you operate in a hybrid or multicloud environment, Aviatrix promises seamless connectivity across different VPCs, regions, and other cloud providers.

Streamlined migration

Aviatrix streamlines migrations to AWS and other cloud providers by automating network connections between clouds, providing a single pane of glass for clear visibility across your entire network, and consistent management tools to simplify post-migration operations. This reduces complexity and accelerates the migration process.

Modernized cloud infrastructure

Aviatrix delivers a cloud Terraform provider that leverages the Aviatrix Controller’s ability to control native cloud services. The single Terraform provider allows cloud infrastructure teams to write a single Infrastructure as Code module that will extend across all clouds and be easily integrated into self-service platforms, modernizing the cloud infrastructure.

Aviatrix and AWS customer story

Learn how Informatica uses Aviatrix to simplify, secure, and accelerate migration to AWS and other cloud providers.

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Aviatrix has helped Informatica dramatically reduce the time it takes us to on-board new customers into any cloud. Aviatrix hides all of the complexities and allows us to service customers more efficiently.


Aviatrix and AWS upcoming events



AWS Summit New York

AWS Summit New York is a comprehensive cloud technology event hosted by AWS. It’s a free opportunity to learn about AWS and Aviatrix, network with peers, and sharpen your cloud skills. Aviatrix will have a booth and a speaking session – we hope to see you there!

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AWS and Aviatrix Immersion Day

Join us at our next Aviatrix and AWS Immersion Day to unlock cost savings from NAT Gateways and Cloud Firewalls. Immerse yourself in hands-on labs for cloud networking, security, and operational insights.

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Aviatrix and AWS resources



Top Ten Reasons: AWS & Aviatrix

Read this solution brief to learn the top ten reasons why AWS users choose to enhance their network with Aviatrix, including deep visibility and control, automated deployment, and more.

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Top Ten Reasons AWS & Aviatrix

Aviatrix and AWS eBook: Redefine Cloud Network Security

Read this eBook to discover how you can overcome cloud network security challenges and high cloud costs by combining the power of Aviatrix and AWS. This collaboration allows you to improve security, optimize cloud performance, and cut costs.

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Aviatrix and AWS Demo

Learn how Aviatrix on AWS offers deep visibility and advanced security for complex AWS network traffic. Whether you’re an existing user looking to expand the ways Aviatrix can help secure your cloud network or simply exploring how to improve your security posture in the cloud while also cutting cloud costs, this demo is for you.

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Ready to Learn More?

Check out more Aviatrix and AWS resources here. You’ll find demos, webinars, podcast episodes, and more.