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  1. Cloud Network Security Challenges During Cloud Migration

    The great cloud migration is well underway. According to the Gartner Predicts 2022 report series, “more than 75% of organizations use multiple public cloud services today, and have plans to expand.” For some, single-cloud architectures may be sufficient in the short term, but sooner or later, most realize their selected cloud service provider does not…


  2. Closing the Cloud Networking Skills Gap with Advanced Cloud Services

    Enterprise mass migration to the cloud has created a growing demand for skilled cloud networking professionals. This has resulted in a general talent shortage, and a critical skills gap for enterprises attempting to design and implement future-proof cloud networking architectures. Enterprises have migrated to public clouds en masse, driven by the competitive mandate for business…


  3. 6 Things Top-Performing Cloud Networking Teams Do Differently

    Has your organization been making do with a cloud network that’s adequate, but not excellent? Maybe you’re putting up with tedious administration workflows, or your developers get impatient when it takes days to make changes, or your C-suite is asking questions about usage and performance that you have a hard time answering in depth.  If…