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  1. 4 Tips for Succeeding in the Cloud from the 2024 Secure Cloud Networking Field Report

    Somewhere in the game of telephone between the practitioners with boots on the ground and the decision makers guiding enterprise strategy and objectives, vital insights can be lost. Our team is fortunate to be part of a strong community that talks about the nuances and complexities of cloud networking every day. And, in an effort to…

    ACE Multi-Cloud

  2. How to Handle the 2025 Change to Azure VM Internet Access

    When Microsoft Azure last year announced that support for default access to the internet is ending for new virtual machines (VMs) after September 30, 2025, it sparked some excellent discussions around outbound/inbound internet access that I believe will ultimately help organizations become more secure.     Coming to the table as a former Azure Global Black…

    Azure Security

  3. Meet the Silent Superpower Behind the Aviatrix Certified Engineer and Community Programs

    For those who are familiar with the Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Program, you may know Katie Holms, Director of Community and Customer Education. She is known for her relentless efforts to extend education, training, and networking opportunities to those with a thirst for learning cloud networking. She helped launch the ACE Program in late fall…

    ACE Personnel

  4. Cloud Infrastructure Stack of a Modern Enterprise

      Cloud infrastructure is the backbone of a modern enterprise and crown jewel applications are gravitational force for any business. As these mission-critical applications transition to the cloud, a new wave of infrastructure products and operational processes emerge to bolster simplified application connectivity, optimize performance, reinforce resiliency, and enhance security within the cloud-centric hybrid landscape. …


  5. Deepika Nath: The Middle Cloud and its Impact on Hybrid Connectivity

    Recently on the Altitude Podcast, Woody was joined by Deepika Nath, Director of Infrastructure and Cloud Architecture at Kyndryl.   Deepika has a passion for using technology to create differentiated customer outcomes. In this episode, she dives into hybridity and the concept of the middle cloud. She discusses the criticality of avoiding a one-size-fits-all strategy,…

    Multi-Cloud Podcast