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  1. Oracle OCI — multi-region transit connectivity with Aviatrix MCNA

    Co-Author: Faisal Hasan – Currently working at Oracle Cloud as Senior Principal Product Manager. Before joining Oracle in 2018, I have spent many years at VMware, NEC Australia, and Cisco Systems working on several roles ranging from Network Engineering to Product Management. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure combines the elasticity of public cloud with…

    OCI Tech Note

  2. Oracle OCI — overcoming the VCN LPG local peering limits using Aviatrix

    Co-Author: Raul Gamez – I am a Cloud architect member of EMEA OCI Centre of Excellence at Oracle. I’m passionate about technology and how to use it, to make magic happens and create solutions that help our customers in their trip to the Cloud OCI introduction Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (in advance OCI) is the first specifically…

    OCI Tech Note

  3. Oracle OCI — encrypted connection to AWS, Azure, GCP

    Co-Author: Vittorio Garbuglio – I am a Cloud Solutions Leader at Oracle who is passionate about Thinking strategically about business, creating technical definitions around customer objectives in complex situations and Developing technical and business solution strategies. Secure channel for connections leaving OCI Oracle OCI is doing a great job to secure data in-transit and at-rest…

    OCI Tech Note

  4. Oracle OCI — secure connectivity in and out: UserVPN, FQDN filtering

    If you are looking for a solution to connect your users to the resources in Oracle Cloud (OCI), or to secure the internet-bound access from your OCI resources based on FQDNs, this article is for you. Getting started with Aviatrix Aviatrix is a powerful and advanced platform providing networking and security services in the public clouds,…

    OCI Tech Note

  5. Ensuring compliance and alignment with regulators when data is moved or consumed in and out of public cloud

    Q. I was recently asked the question how is Aviatrix supporting its customers in ensuring compliance and alignment with regulators when data is moved or consumed in and out of public cloud? A. The challenges being faced in keeping aligned with industry regulations and country laws and best practices when moving workloads to the cloud…

    Firewall Network Multi-Cloud Security

  6. Aviatrix builds on existing AWS relationship, with Service Ready solutions for the new AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB)

    Aviatrix, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner, is a leader in solving enterprise customers’ complex networking, security, visibility and multi-cloud needs. Built upon the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform, Aviatrix products integrate with a number of AWS APIs and services, enabling customers to centrally launch, control and interact with AWS services while delivering network security…

    AWS Firewall Network Security Transit Networking

  7. How Egress Security Has Evolved and Why You Should Care

    In the traditional on-premise era, enterprises owned the underlying infrastructure and had layers of security built into their network architecture. Because of this layered security model, they could centrally define security mechanisms to control the internet egress traffic effectively. However, in public cloud environments, things work differently. The networks and the workloads in public clouds…

    Firewall Network Multi-Cloud Security Transit Networking

  8. Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform Version 6.2

    Aviatrix is proud to announce the release of Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Controller version 6.2, Co-Pilot version 1.2.1 and Terraform version 2.17 all at the same time. This release includes several new features and capabilities that customers can take advantage of immediately: Extended Control for Advanced Extranet connectivity solving overlapping CIDRs and NAT challenges of all types…

    Branch Office Multi-Cloud Operations Security Transit Networking

  9. Why Microsoft Azure Black Belt Chooses Aviatrix

    According to Jeremy Wright, a global black belt in Azure at Microsoft, “In the Azure marketplace, there are a large number of virtual appliances and third-party devices. Unfortunately, some of them either don’t work at all, or don’t work as advertised.” Wright found Aviatrix, in the marketplace and tested it. Aviatrix stood out, because it…

    Azure Multi-Cloud Transit Networking

  10. SAML User VPN

    Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Smart SAML Remote User VPN – Secure User Access to Cloud Resources Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Networking Platform provides an end-to-end secure network solution for multiple cloud enterprises. Smart SAML Remote User VPN is a cost effective, easy to deploy service enabled by the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform. A feature-rich client VPN solution, the Aviatrix…

    AWS Azure Multi-Cloud Security Tech Note