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  1. How Aviatrix’s intelligent orchestration and control eliminates unwanted tradeoffs encountered when deploying Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Firewalls in AWS

    Deploying any next-generation firewall (NGFW) in a public cloud environment is challenging, not just because of the firewall itself but also because of the public cloud networking services practitioners must use. The job of understanding cloud networking complexities to ensure a successfully configured and maintained firewall deployment is no small task. It’s a task that…

    Security Transit Networking AWS Palo Alto Networks Firewall Network AWS Transit Gateway

  2. AWS re:Inforce 2022: Quick Takes from a Successful Event

    Attendees at AWS re:Inforce in Boston were sophisticated and laser-focused on security. During the conference, Aviatrix CEO Steve Mullaney sat down with TheCUBE’s host, Dave Vellante. Mullaney highlighted that those in attendance were not asking about or just thinking about moving to the cloud; rather, they are in full-on deployment mode and looking to secure…

    Security AWS

  3. Unlock Advanced Networking & Security Capabilities by Integrating Aviatrix with AWS Cloud WAN

    By Brad Hedlund and Abdul Rahim Leading enterprises trust Aviatrix to accelerate cloud networking deployments and extend native capabilities of cloud service providers (CSPs). To further support our customers, Aviatrix is excited to announce integration with AWS Cloud WAN. Integrating AWS Cloud WAN with Aviatrix Transit opens advanced use cases, including multi-cloud connectivity, encrypted on-premises…