Build Your Enterprise Cloud Network Backbone with Aviatrix

Cloud Network Backbone


Leverage Hyperscaler Infrastructure to Improve Performance, Gain Full Visibility, and Reduce Costs.


The Aviatrix enterprise cloud network backbone delivers secure, high-performance, low-latency, multicloud networking while maintaining enterprise-class visibility and control. Find out how simple it is to deliver wire-speed IPSec encryption and reduce costs with Aviatrix’s Intelligent Cloud Networking overlay.

“We deployed Aviatrix as our AWS inter-region backbone, and we haven't looked back. We were surprised at the immediate latency improvement, and Aviatrix CoPilot's visibility goes beyond anything we have seen from any cloud provider.”
Cloud Infrastructure Leader, Fortune 500 Digital Experience Software Developer

Aviatrix Cloud Network Backbone


With the increased adoption of the cloud, IT teams need to find new ways to build a network architecture that enables operational consistency with embedded security. Aviatrix cloud networking simplifies this process with the cloud network backbone.


Traditionally with this solution, Aviatrix connects to the data center or Equinix and their transit within a specific CSP region and is leveraged for inter-region and/or inter-cloud communications. Other scenarios include a small number of VPC’s/VNET’s attached to the backbone in addition to the transit design.


The Aviatrix Cloud Backbone solution is the starting point for building a cloud network backbone with enterprise visibility and control on-prem, to the cloud, and to the edge.


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5 Enterprise Business Benefits



1. Lower Latency & CSP Egress Charges


Modern enterprise cloud network backbone architectures take full advantage of a hyperscaler’s global connectivity. Instead of inter-region traffic egressing the cloud, then traversing a traditional private enterprise backbone, only to return to the cloud in another region, Aviatrix keeps inter-region network traffic in the cloud. This reduces latencies by eliminating extra hops and costs by eliminating cumulative monthly CSP egress charges. 



2. Enterprise-Class Routing


Business leaders have zero tolerance for downtime. Aviatrix delivers advanced networking features with embedded intelligence, telemetry, and traffic engineering that supports alternate path routing, prioritizing a lower-latency, lower-cost path but failing over to an alternate higher-latency, higher-cost to maintain connectivity and application uptime when the primary path is not available. 



3. Enterprise-Class Visibility


Native public cloud networking services lack the visibility and control enterprises require to support business-critical applications. Embedded telemetry in Aviatrix enables deep visibility, dynamic topology mapping, application-specific intelligence, automated threat detection, and more. Enterprise-class visibility gives operations teams the information needed to determine why applications may be slow or down and intelligence to reduce resolution times. 



4. Reduce Private Backbone Costs


As inter-region cloud traffic increases, enterprises whose private network backbone is the transport for all inter-region cloud traffic will be forced to add expensive cloud interconnect circuits and increase backbone network capacity. Leveraging Aviatrix to build an enterprise cloud backbone provides consistent networking, security, and operational visibility in and across clouds while reducing costs by offloading intra-cloud traffic from to the CSP infrastructure and reducing cloud interconnect circuits to only support inter-cloud traffic.  



5. Aviatrix and Equinix


Aviatrix and Equinix have partnered to deliver Aviatrix Edge high-performance encryption on Equinix Network Edge. This solution provides the highest-performance encrypted connection to the cloud, encrypting traffic over high-performance private cloud networking services from Equinix at up to 10 Gbps connection speeds.

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