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Aviatrix and Megaport Simplify Hybrid and Multicloud Network Connectivity: A Game-Changing Partnership

In today’s digital era, businesses across various industries face significant challenges in managing hybrid and multi cloud network connectivity. These challenges include the complexity of building network architecture, inefficient routing, high costs, and reduced security. To address these issues, Aviatrix and Megaport have forged a partnership to deliver a seamless and secure multi cloud and hybrid cloud network fabric. This collaboration is particularly crucial as industries increasingly adopt hybrid and multi cloud strategies to enhance flexibility, scalability, and innovation.

Hybrid and multicloud architectures are essential for modern enterprises as they offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allowing organizations to leverage the best features across the environments. Hybrid and multi cloud environments are also being leveraged for intelligent workload placement, business continuity and disaster recovery. By distributing workloads across these environments , businesses can ensure high availability and resilience against outages or disruptions. According to a recent survey by Flexera, 89% of enterprises have a multicloud strategy, and 73% have a hybrid cloud strategy, highlighting the widespread adoption of these models and importance of these strategies in ensuring operational continuity.

The partnership between Aviatrix and Megaport addresses these industry needs by providing an advanced network fabric that simplifies connectivity, enhances routing efficiency and resiliency, reduces costs, and bolsters security. This collaboration ensures that businesses can seamlessly integrate and manage their hybrid and multi cloud environments, ultimately driving better performance, reliability, and security and navigate the complexities of modern network architecture to fully realize the potential of hybrid and multi cloud strategies, positioning themselves for future growth and success.

Hybrid and Multi Cloud Networking Challenges

The growing significance of data being generated and processed at the edge and the increasing need for AI applications necessitate the use of hybrid cloud environments. Data generated at the edge needs to be processed and analyzed locally to minimize latency and enhance real-time decision-making, making hybrid cloud solutions crucial. Similarly, AI applications require vast amounts of data and computational power, which can be optimized by leveraging both on-premises and cloud resources. Consequently, businesses must adopt strategies that ensure seamless integration and efficient management of hybrid and multi cloud network connectivity to meet these evolving demands.

Managing hybrid and multi cloud network connectivity can be incredibly complex and inefficient. Businesses often struggle to build hybrid and multi cloud networks with consistent network architecture, as setting up encrypted connections can be challenging due to custom configuration and lack of uniform security protocols across the environments. Additionally, managing the environment with physical network stacks often leads to high costs.

These challenges are prevalent across regulated industries including banking, healthcare, insurance, and financial services. These sectors require secure, resilient, and efficient connectivity between cloud service providers, on-premises environments, and partner ecosystems.

Solving this problem is critical for enterprises to enable a simplified, secure and consistent multi cloud and hybrid cloud network fabric. The joint solution from Aviatrix and Megaport simplifies the network stack across public cloud and private cloud environments, providing a unified operational model, offering resilience and reducing costs.

The Solution: Aviatrix and Megaport Partnership

Aviatrix provides secure cloud networking solutions that offer advanced hybrid and multi cloud network solutions with consistent network architecture, embedded security,  active mesh resiliency, operational control, automation, and patented end-to-end high performance encryption. The technology ensures consistent, high-performance, and secure connectivity across multi cloud and hybrid environments.

Megaport is a global network-as-a-service provider, offering a vast private network of over 850+data centers interconnected to 280+ cloud-ramps across 25+ countries. Megaport enables rapid, on-demand network provisioning and high-resiliency network services.

The joint solution partnership now introduces Aviatrix Hybrid Cloud Edge on Megaport Virtual Edge, Megaport’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) service. This solution leverages Megaport’s global private network and Aviatrix’s secure cloud networking to provide businesses with a simplified, high-performance, and secure network architecture.

Key Features and Benefits

Simplified hybrid, multi cloud networking solution: The Aviatrix Cloud networking solution, combined with high-speed Megaport fabric, significantly simplifies the deployment and management of hybrid and multi cloud networks. By addressing challenges such as inconsistent network architecture, complex custom configurations, and uniform security protocols, Aviatrix enables customers to specify their configuration intent seamlessly. The automated application of network constructs across cloud service provider environments and hybrid clouds leveraging the Megaport fabric ensures robust, secure connections, and reduces costs. Additionally, cloud orchestration with Terraform and full centralized network management streamline network operations and enhance overall efficiency. By simplifying hybrid and multi cloud networking, businesses can efficiently manage their data and AI workloads, ensuring agility and performance in their operations.



Rapid On-Demand Connectivity: The solution enables on-demand provisioning of hybrid cloud edge and private WAN connections in under 15 minutes, leveraging Megaport’s fabric. Onboarding of Aviatrix Hybrid Cloud Edge is simple through the Megaport Portal. 

Enhanced Security: Aviatrix’s end-to-end encryption and distributed cloud firewall with centralized policy enforcement ensure robust security across hybrid and multi cloud environments. Megaport’s private network further reduces potential threats. 

Increased Visibility: Complete network traffic visibility and granular control across environments help businesses monitor and manage their networks effectively with reduced MTTR. Aviatrix Network insights API allows seamless integration of the network metrics across hybrid and multiple cloud environments supporting prometheus and JSON formats.

Optimize hybrid and multi cloud networking costs: The solution provides significant cost savings leveraging Aviatrix high-speed encrypted connections as compared to other 3rd party and/or MACSec implementations. The joint solution simplifies the fragmented architectures and network stacks that are different in cloud and on-prem environments. 

MACSec needs to be embedded in the silicon to encrypt and decrypt packets at every hop. This requires the routers at every hop to be MACSec capable which is very costly. Building MACSec connections are only possible via private dedication connections such as AWS dedicated Direct Connect and Azure Express Route Direct ports. This is often expensive and complex to implement. 

Aviatrix patented high performance encryption (HPE) technology alleviates these challenges by leveraging Megaport virtual connections that are less expensive, built on-demand, and scale as needed.  With HPE, building line rate encrypted connections removes the need for expensive MACSec implementations. 

Michael Reid, Chief Executive Officer at Megaport: “Through our collaboration with Aviatrix, we are not just responding to the current needs of the market; we are anticipating the future demands of hybrid cloud connectivity. This partnership embodies our commitment to providing secure, flexible, and efficient solutions for our customers, enabling them to thrive in a multi cloud ecosystem.” 


The partnership between Aviatrix and Megaport addresses the critical need for secure, resilient, and agile network connectivity in hybrid and multi cloud environments. By leveraging Aviatrix’s advanced networking solutions and Megaport’s extensive global network, we are delivering a transformative solution that simplifies hybrid and multi cloud network architecture with enhanced performance for our customers. By simplifying hybrid and multi cloud network architectures, enhancing security, and providing rapid on-demand connectivity, this joint solution empowers businesses to achieve a consistent, high-performance, and secure network fabric across diverse environments, making it a valuable investment for enterprises looking to optimize their hybrid and multi cloud network infrastructures.