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Aviatrix Blog

Enterprise Multicloud Networking


Aviatrix Blog

Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform Version 6.2

Aviatrix is proud to announce the release of Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Controller version 6.2, Co-Pilot version 1.2.1 and Terraform version 2.17 all at the same time.

This release includes several new features and capabilities that customers can take advantage of immediately:

  • Extended Control for Advanced Extranet connectivity solving overlapping CIDRs and NAT challenges of all types
  • High-Performance Encryption within Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Even more Intelligence and Operational Visibility from Co-Pilot AppIQ, BGP Mapping and Continuous Latency monitoring
  • Enhanced Security with Transit Peering over Private Networks
  • Added support for Azure GovCloud and Firewall Bootstrapping with Azure support.
  • Multi-Cloud Infrastructure as Code Automation with Terraform version 2.17

See More details in the following release notes or request a demo

Controller 6.2 Release Notes

Co-Pilot 1.2.1 Release Notes

Terraform (TF) 2.17 Release Notes