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Aviatrix Joins theCUBE at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Paris 2024

Aviatrix’s Mitch Connors, Sr. Principal Engineer – Software Development/Open-Source lead, joins theCUBE/SiliconANGLE’s Rob Strechy, Lead Analyst, Managing Director, and Chainguard’s Dustin Kirkland, VP of Engineering, to unpack KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Paris 2024. 

Mitch kicks off saying…

I think something that you don’t really realize at a conference like this is that only 10% of enterprise apps have migrated to containers today. So this is, what, KubeCon’s been going now for 8 to 10 years, and we’re still day zero. We’re only at 10% completion of what we’ve set out to do.

And what that means is that a Kubernetes only solution for networking solves 10% of your problem as a large enterprise. So my move to Aviatrix was very strategic. I wanted to work on the 90% problem, and then also serve the 10% problem, and that’s what our announcement this week is all about. Our customers have trusted us for years with their layer three networks, with VMs and VPCs. We have a great reputation in that space. And today we’re announcing that our features are going to be extending to Kubernetes services with our Distributed Cloud Firewall for Kubernetes.