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Aviatrix Blog

Enterprise Multicloud Networking


Aviatrix Blog

Aviatrix launches cloud firewall

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Aviatrix recently launched its Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall, which the company claims will allow users to strengthen their cloud security while creating cost savings, CRN reports. Steve Mullaney, president and CEO at Aviatrix, said the savings come from being able to move traffic through the new Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall instead of, for instance, the Network Address Translation gateway for AWS users, thus avoiding the AWS NAT service charges that would otherwise be steadily incurred. With Distributed Cloud Firewall you now have distributed functionality into the fabric of the network, Mullaney said.Its just like with distributed processing. Every position in the network is now adding processing power to what logically looks like one big giant firewall. People — especially now in the recession- are coming back and telling us you had me at saving money. They are all getting mandated to cut cloud costs, some by as much as 30 percent. Customers are telling us they have to optimize their cloud. We go in and tell them we can optimize your cloud costs and improve your security, Mullaney added.