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  1. MACSec or IPSec? Which one is the right choice for encrypting cloud connectivity?

    TLDR; MACSec exposes your data in the clear at every router hop along the way. IPSec provides better end-to-end security with high throughput with technology available from Aviatrix.    If your company has sensitive data to transmit over a network, you will want that data to be encrypted as much as possible and sent over a…

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  2. Cracking the Code on Predictable Network Costs with Aviatrix’s Cloud Network Backbone

    The cost of cloud services is influenced by a complex web of factors, often resulting in unexpected bills. In a recent conversation I had with one CIO, he mentioned that they had allocated $5 million for their annual cloud budget but ended up paying $15 million. A 3x escalation in budget is not easy to…

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  3. The “Sprawl of Consoles” Problem: No One has a Full View of the Cloud Network

    As businesses increasingly rely on cloud technologies, they choose platforms that are best for their specific needs irrespective of the cloud provider – often resulting in using two or more public clouds. The desire to stay cloud-native results in two, three, four different cloud provider-specific cloud-native architectures that then need to be stitched together and…

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