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  1. Cracking the Code on Predictable Network Costs with Aviatrix’s Cloud Network Backbone

    The cost of cloud services is influenced by a complex web of factors, often resulting in unexpected bills. In a recent conversation I had with one CIO, he mentioned that they had allocated $5 million for their annual cloud budget but ended up paying $15 million. A 3x escalation in budget is not easy to…

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  2. Introducing CostIQ: Accurate Allocations for Shared Cloud Network Services 

    Today, we launched an exciting new feature to the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform called CostIQ. CostIQ solves one of the biggest limitations inherent to native cloud service provider (CSP) networking – cost to cloud.     Let’s set the stage: 80% of companies are using at least two clouds today, but many simply rely on the…

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