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  1. Is Your Cloud Network a Ticking Time Bomb? Part 1: Cost and Economies of Scale in the Cloud

    I recently reviewed one of our recent sales engagements with a F500 digital services company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course, networking and security in cloud emerged as one of their biggest pain points. No surprise there.     The more I studied the engagement, the more I realized there was nothing extraordinary…

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  2. Intelligent Cloud Networking Enables Consistent Uptime Throughout Business-Critical Migrations

    Time is running out for organizations maturing in their cloud journey to evacuate their data centers and move to the public cloud – and that clock is ticking fastest when it comes to migrating business-critical applications.    Of the 95% of organizations using public cloud today, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group estimates that 88% are deploying…

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  3. Introducing CostIQ: Accurate Allocations for Shared Cloud Network Services 

    Today, we launched an exciting new feature to the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform called CostIQ. CostIQ solves one of the biggest limitations inherent to native cloud service provider (CSP) networking – cost to cloud.     Let’s set the stage: 80% of companies are using at least two clouds today, but many simply rely on the…

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  4. The 3 Pillars of Multicloud Networking Design

    What is a mature approach to cloud? And how do you know if you’ve reached it?     For many, embracing infrastructure as code (IaC)—the point where you can get out of the manual processes and towards automation—is the defining signal. It’s the holy grail of architecting a multicloud environment.    Throughout my experience helping Fortune…

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  5. Cloud Automation and Agility for Enterprise-Grade Visibility and Control

    Mission-critical. That’s how we’ve referred to the vital functioning of applications, hardware, software, programming, networking, and overall infrastructure for as long as we can remember. The reason? When business applications or systems go down, businesses lose revenue and become vulnerable to security breaches. Traditionally speaking, mission-critical has meant delivering system reliability, availability, and security to…

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  6. Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform Version 6.2

    Aviatrix is proud to announce the release of Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Controller version 6.2, Co-Pilot version 1.2.1 and Terraform version 2.17 all at the same time. This release includes several new features and capabilities that customers can take advantage of immediately: Extended Control for Advanced Extranet connectivity solving overlapping CIDRs and NAT challenges of all types…

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  7. Accelerate Cloud Network Troubleshooting to Minimize Network Downtime with Aviatrix Multi-Cloud FlightPath

    Multi-cloud FlightPath is an integral part of a suite of visibility and operational capabilities of the Multi Cloud Network Architecture that Aviatrix offers. The tool allows CloudOps and Cloud Network Engineering teams to troubleshoot cloud network connectivity issues faster to minimize business disruption. KEY BENEFITS Instead of tedious ‘whack-a-mole’ efforts to track down the source…

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