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Category Archives: Podcast

  1. Cameron Lim Pulls Back the Curtain on Partnerships at Microsoft

    In the latest episode of the Altitude podcast, host Woody Woodworth sits down with Cameron Lim, Director of Partner Development at Microsoft, to explore the pivotal role of partnerships in Microsoft’s success. Cameron, who oversees a portfolio of over 300 partners, provided valuable insights into Microsoft’s approach to partnerships and the benefits they offer to…

    Azure Podcast

  2. Adam Stipkovits on Altitude: “Tackling Top Cloud Networking Challenges: Security, Costs, and the Skills Gap” 

    The rapid pace of cloud adoption has left many IT teams struggling to keep up. As organizations move business-critical workloads to the cloud, the demands on network and security engineers have skyrocketed. Yet finding and developing the right cloud skills remains a major pain point.      In this episode of Altitude, host Woody Woodworth is…

    Podcast Security Multi-Cloud

  3. The Rise of Networking in the Executive Mind: Brad Casemore on the Altitude Podcast

    In the past, the network was like the plumbing of a business – out of sight and out of mind until something goes wrong. However, as Brad Casemore, a former IDC analyst with over 30 years of experience in networking and connectivity, and Woody, former Azure Global Black Belt turned Altitude Podcast host, discuss, the…

    Multi-Cloud Podcast

  4. Cloud Networking Design Principles that Pave the Way to Success 

    Cloud computing has transformed how modern businesses operate, enabling unprecedented agility, scalability, and innovation. However, effectively leveraging the cloud requires careful planning and strategic design principles. In this fascinating episode of the Altitude Podcast, host Woody chats with Rob DeWeese, Director of Cloud Networking at Kyndryl, to unpack cloud networking design principles that pave the…


  5. Early Adopters of Cloud – Walking the Path with Choice Hotels 

    Recently on the Altitude Podcast, Woody was joined by Shawn Seaton, Senior Director Enterprise Architecture at Choice Hotels, who shared the lessons he learned as an early cloud adopter.     Delving into the complexities of cloud migration, Shawn and Woody explored both anticipated and surprising outcomes experienced at Choice Hotels, one of the world’s…


  6. Deepika Nath: The Middle Cloud and its Impact on Hybrid Connectivity

    Recently on the Altitude Podcast, Woody was joined by Deepika Nath, Director of Infrastructure and Cloud Architecture at Kyndryl.   Deepika has a passion for using technology to create differentiated customer outcomes. In this episode, she dives into hybridity and the concept of the middle cloud. She discusses the criticality of avoiding a one-size-fits-all strategy,…

    Multi-Cloud Podcast

  7. From Good to Great: Succeeding as Solutions Architects and Leaders in the Cloud 

    “What do you want to do?”     Matt Henry, Senior Leader of Solutions Architecture at AWS, poses this question on a recent episode of Altitude, describing it as incredibly important yet incredibly challenging to answer for your career.    “When I was asked this question, I felt like I was going 80 miles an hour…

    Uncategorized AWS Podcast

  8. Altitude Podcast: The 2 Most Important Cloud Lessons from Season One 

    As we close in on the first six months of Altitude: The Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned after hosting so many interesting, influential, and inspiring guests. Together, we’ve explored a wide range of topics, such as the evolution of cloud, cloud migration, future…

    Uncategorized Podcast

  9. Introducing the Altitude Podcast: Giving Voice to the Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation

    Are you an IT professional with your head stuck in the clouds? Or just curious about what’s going on up there?     As enterprises go all in on the cloud, IT leaders and teams either fall behind or rise above. To rise above, we must overcome the challenges of moving to the cloud and driving…

    Multi-Cloud Podcast Network Backbone

  10. Cloud Wars Perspectives