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  1. Bridging CloudOps & DevOps: The Key to Application Network Performance

    Preventing application outages or significantly reducing mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) after an application outage are shared goals across any organization. However, there has long been a blind spot between cloud networking and cloud ops, and application development and DevOps teams.     The tension stems from both sides. For cloud teams, visibility into network performance and security is…


  2. Meet Two Women Trailblazers in Cloud Networking

    On March 8, 2024, we celebrated International Women’s Day, and in June, we’ll recognize International Women in Engineering Day. However, I couldn’t wait until June to acknowledge some exceptional software engineering talents. Allow me to shine a spotlight on two remarkable Aviatrix software engineers who have been hailed by the leadership team as integral to…

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  3. Aviatrix Platform: Enabling Programmable Cloud Networking and Security for Next-Generation Infrastructure

    Welcome to the future of cloud networking and security! At Aviatrix, we’re proud that over 550 enterprise customers have selected Aviatrix as their Secure Cloud Networking Platform. We are experts at what we do and it’s our mission to make our customers and partners successful.   Over the last 12 months, questions have been on…


  4. From Good to Great: Succeeding as Solutions Architects and Leaders in the Cloud 

    “What do you want to do?”     Matt Henry, Senior Leader of Solutions Architecture at AWS, poses this question on a recent episode of Altitude, describing it as incredibly important yet incredibly challenging to answer for your career.    “When I was asked this question, I felt like I was going 80 miles an hour…

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  5. Inside the Mind of an AWS Partner Solutions Architect: Sarah Aamir on the Altitude Podcast

    Artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and partnerships – all of these can be valuable tools for reaching success with greater efficiency, creativity, and diversity in perspective.     In a recent episode of the Altitude podcast, host Woody Woodworth explored these topics with Sarah Aamir, a Partner Solutions Architect at AWS. Sarah offered a valuable…


  6. The Dynamic Duo: Surfing the Clouds, Sharpening Their Secure Cloud Networking Skills, Staying Connected, Making a Difference

    Meet the next generation of IT professionals – Matthew McSpadden, IT DevOps Lead, and Rodman Stuhlmuller, DevSecOps Engineer.   This dynamic duo is learning by doing, working side by side with dozens of today’s seasoned IT/IS and cloud movers and shakers, both inside Aviatrix and outside the company. Under the leadership of a digital transformation…

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  7. Cloud Portability: Unlocking Flexibility for Your Business and Applications

    For those driving cloud architectural strategy, portability has raised its head as yet another non-functional requirement to take into consideration. Organisations require the flexibility to move workloads wherever they want to enhance resiliency, mitigate concentration risk, or take advantage of a unique cloud service provider (CSP) capability. In Europe, emerging regulations like the Bank of…

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  8. Altitude Podcast: The 2 Most Important Cloud Lessons from Season One 

    As we close in on the first six months of Altitude: The Unsung Heroes of Cloud Transformation, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned after hosting so many interesting, influential, and inspiring guests. Together, we’ve explored a wide range of topics, such as the evolution of cloud, cloud migration, future…

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