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Enterprise Multicloud Networking


Aviatrix Blog

Closing the Cloud Networking Skills Gap with Advanced Cloud Services

  • Enterprise mass migration to the cloud has created a growing demand for skilled cloud networking professionals.
  • This has resulted in a general talent shortage, and a critical skills gap for enterprises attempting to design and implement future-proof cloud networking architectures.

Enterprises have migrated to public clouds en masse, driven by the competitive mandate for business transformation, and promises of accelerated innovation, increased agility, and improved efficiency.

But many enterprises ultimately discover that although single-cloud architectures may be sufficient in the near term, they do not meet their long-term business needs, and can quickly lead to vendor lock-in.

As Bryan Ashley, Aviatrix Vice President of Solutions Management and Marketing, pointed out in a recent blog post, “You’ll only be in a single cloud… right up until you’re not.”

The same business transformation instincts that led to a mass migration to the cloud are now driving a similar migration to multi-cloud, with cloud-native compute environments and cloud-direct models.

Today, 75% of enterprises are already using multi-cloud, and Gartner predicts this number will grow to 90% by 2025.

And this is where things get tricky.

Many enterprises transitioning to the cloud were aware of the benefits, but unprepared for the challenges. Expecting simplicity, automation, and accelerated innovation, many were surprised by what they found, including native service limitations, reduced visibility, increased complexity, shadow IT, cloud and networking skills gaps, and a poorly designed network architecture that left them inflexible and unprepared for future growth and development.

Compounding these challenges is a global skills gap—a shortage of experienced cloud networking engineers and architects. As a result, enterprises are faced with under-skilled and limited internal resources when it comes to architecting and operating public cloud networks and network security. Existing internal resources are often ‘learning by doing’ and ‘learning on the job,’ which delays execution and often results in architecture that does not take future needs into consideration.

These challenges are magnified and multiplied even further in multi-cloud, which increases complexity and makes the skills gap even more painfully obvious.

How to Close the Skills Gap with Proven Expertise

At Aviatrix, we have helped more than 600 enterprises plan, design, execute, and manage successful multi-cloud networks.

With this experience, we designed a portfolio of customizable consulting services to help enterprises accelerate and future-proof their cloud deployments—which we announced today.

Our Advanced Cloud Services include Professional Services for scoped projects, Embedded Engineering (staff augmentation), and Managed Services across AWS, Azure, GPC, OCI and Alibaba public clouds. With tiered service offerings, customers can select and customize the services that best suit their business needs.

Our embedded engineering staff augmentation and managed multi-cloud services can solve your skills gap while accelerating and future-proofing your cloud deployments.

Importantly, our engagement model is extremely flexible. For example, we offer the option to operate your environment for whatever duration you need. By removing the burden and cost of finding and retaining supplemental resources, Aviatrix Advanced Cloud Services helps customers accelerate their cloud deployments with dedicated architecture and services.

Whether you are just beginning your cloud migration, expanding to multi-cloud, or integrating assets and resources from mergers or acquisitions, we can quickly design, implement and manage the cloud infrastructure you need—getting it right the first time.

Sample Use Cases

  • Accelerating integrations resulting from mergers and acquisitions
  • Architecting, deploying, and operating multi-cloud infrastructure—Get it right the first time!
  • Migrating existing cloud network and network security constructs to Aviatrix
  • Bridging cloud infrastructure skills gaps and resource challenges
  • Migrating from AWS TGW or Azure VWAN to enterprise multi-cloud transit networking
  • Implementing modern best practices including network automation and Infrastructure as Code

Simply put, Advanced Cloud Services helps ensure that your single-, hybrid- or multi-cloud network architecture is properly designed from Day One and maintained and managed for maximum Day Two visibility and flexibility.

Want to learn more? Check out our full Professional Services lineup here.

Register here for an upcoming webinar to hear how customers leverage Advanced Cloud Services to close their skills gap and improve their cloud deployments.