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Deepika Nath: The Middle Cloud and its Impact on Hybrid Connectivity

Recently on the Altitude Podcast, Woody was joined by Deepika Nath, Director of Infrastructure and Cloud Architecture at Kyndryl.


Deepika has a passion for using technology to create differentiated customer outcomes. In this episode, she dives into hybridity and the concept of the middle cloud. She discusses the criticality of avoiding a one-size-fits-all strategy, and instead leveraging versatile options, exemplifying how a customized strategy carries such immense value in the cloud industry.


Let’s dive into the highlights from this episode.


Insights into the Middle Cloud


Deepika introduces us to the paradigm-shifting concept of the middle cloud, emphasizing the middle cloud’s role in interconnecting hybrid cloud architectures with greater flexibility and efficiency, supporting a customized strategy.


“The middle cloud allows the customer to really build in a way where they can say, ‘My workload is going to live here today, but tomorrow I have the agility to move it there.’  It gives them that ability to become really agile,“ says Deepika.


The Importance of Consistent and Simplified Network Management


In addition to the importance of flexibility and agility in cloud networking, Deepika highlights the importance of consistency and simplification in order to successfully manage complex networks.


“I think what I see as the huge challenge is having a consistent way in which customers can manage what they have on their premises and what they put inside the public clouds,” Deepika says.


Deepika comments on using Aviatrix as a “simplification strategy” that not only reduces management complexity for hybrid or multicloud environments, but also supports customized strategies: “I see it as a place for pretty much a business that wants choices because you have that ability to integrate with the SD-WAN from the on-prem, you have the ability to put your Aviatrix gateways, edge gateways on the edge or in a colo. You also have  fantastic automation to make it more hyperscaler neutral.”


If this conversation piqued your interested, listen to the full episode here. We are excited to continue sharing insights and stories that take your cloud expertise to new heights. Be sure to subscribe to Altitude here, so you don’t miss out!